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16 GIF review of human beings in the international space station for 16 years – Sohu Technology running man20130526


16 GIF review of human in the international space station for 16 years – the Sohu of science and technology in November 2, 2016 to the international space station is the 16 anniversary of NASA, this selection of 16 representative action figure, reviewed the human on the international space station for 16 years. 1 in space to complete the assembly of the international space station from 1998 to 2011, a total of 5 different space organizations, representing a total of 15 countries to complete the assembly of the international space station in space. This is the largest building in space. Up to now, humans have lived and worked in the orbiting laboratory. 2 Expedition members arrive at the space station on November 2, 2000, Expedition commander William Shepherd and fellow astronaut Sergei Krikalev and Yuri Gidzenko in front of the camera to celebrate in front of the. 3.2001 September 11th, Expedition commander Frank was the only American living in space in Culbertson. He took pictures of himself from the international space station. The space station provides a unique view of the earth for the astronauts. Members of the space station can enjoy the space and use the camera to take pictures, because they shoot the image is very important, may reveal the most serious disaster in the natural disaster areas. 4 set up the space station’s robotic arm Japanese Experiment Module (Japanese experimental module), also known as Kibo, was installed in the space station in June 3, 2008. Kibo in Japanese means "Hope", and this is the largest space station module. 5 for the first time by the formation of a team of 6 astronauts in March 29, 2009, in order to press conference, the space station for the first time to gather together the 6 astronauts. The astronauts were from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration (CSA), the Canadian Space Agency (ESA), the European Space Agency (JAXA), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and Russia, it is representative of all partners is the first and only space station debut together. 6 commercial companies to the space station now, commercial companies SpaceX and Orbital ATK will routinely transport cargo to the space station. NASA’s Commercial Crew Program program is now working with commercial companies to develop and operate a spacecraft to send humans to the international space station. 7 take the Olympic torch to the space相关的主题文章: