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2 billion 100 million yuan mad to buy new shares mechanism of three dimensions of national weapon catch Niugu contest: Irving King Irving peek catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor 2 billion 100 million yuan buying new shares institutions three dimensions – weapon catch Niugu newspaper reporter   Wu Shan;     Shanghai refers to in October 24th after the break in the line, did not appear continuous prices soared, but by the shock callback, but the floor but there is no lack of money effect, insiders pointed out that if the first month debt, Tianquan stock popular, new times just follow it, and when the time shares become the absolute protagonist, collective appearance our leading stocks rose, is a continuous limit; the history of the market showed that the market more shocks, new times more easy performance, higher investment risk preference Who can dig deep in this field. "Securities Daily" reporter according flush statistics show yesterday, time shares, the concept of plate again led the Shanghai and Shenzhen two, overall rose 1.5%, stocks, as of now the second IPO in less than one year a total of 175 shares, excluding the suspension after yesterday, a total of 169 stocks trading, 125 of them the stock market rose, accounting for 73.96%, more than 22 stocks daily limit to close, in addition, electric Soul Network Mount Huangshan capsule, Hekeda, Wuzhou spring, Department of science and technology set million shares, listed in October this year has opened new shares, shares, Zhenhua, Hongsheng network software, GM shares and other stocks relative earlier listed among the. Capital flows, in the above 169 times shares yesterday, a total of 73 stocks showed a net inflow of large single trend, the cumulative single net inflow of funds of about 2 billion 100 million yuan. Of which 38 stocks yesterday largest single net inflow of funds over 10 million yuan, GM shares, associated equipment, city shares, advanced data communication, network software, Zhenhua 6 stocks yesterday largest single net inflow of funds of over billion yuan, respectively, 376 million 802 thousand and 200 yuan, 246 million 276 thousand and 700 yuan, 151 million 65 thousand and 700 yuan, 146 million 580 thousand yuan, 109 million 82 thousand and 700 yuan, 102 million 208 thousand and 900 yuan, a net inflow of these 6 stocks accumulated large single capital amounted to 1 billion 132 million yuan. Second round of this round of overbearing market, many institutions concerned, including the aviation securities, state securities, China Merchants Securities, Huaan securities, including a number of brokerage firms are optimistic about the future performance of the new shares. Aviation securities, which has repeatedly pointed out the opportunity of the new shares, which said that the fourth quarter of the annual report is expected to heat up speculation, some of the new shares into the band investment area. Although the market has not been fully strengthened, but as long as the shock in this region, the second phase of the new shares in the market after the formation of the band will gradually enhance the probability of the market, the new shares is one of the key direction of the future market. So, what is the next IPO speculation? In this regard, Changjiang Securities said, specific to the stock, can be considered from three dimensions: the valuation discount shares rose driven potential; potential for capital expansion; industry profitability, novelty, good institutions opening large space on the theme of speculation相关的主题文章: