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Last summer, while waiting for my son to finish up an activity he was involved in, I was approached by a gal I vaguely knew as the mother of one of the other kids involved in the activity who was there to pick her son up as well. "Well," she said to me rather angrily, "I was laid off today." "Really," I replied, "I’m very sorry to hear that." "You know," she said, "I knew it. I positively knew I’d be the first one to be laid off when there were layoffs at my company." Not really wanting to hear all the gory details, I remained silent. "So what if I’m not on time every day and I leave early a lot, I’ve got a life you know," she continued, "and so what if I’m not always doing their work, I’ve got other things to do you know, at least I’m there." Well… With the "official" unemployment rate here in the United States recently creeping up over ten percent, it got me to thinking of this brief encounter and what a great model it is for those who want to join the currently growing ranks of the unemployed. So… Here they are… Based on this proven model… Three surefire ways to insure you’ll be the next one laid off should layoffs come to your company: Surefire Way #1 – Imagine yourself as being laid off and unemployed. Mentally, in your imagination, "experience" yourself as being laid off and unemployed. The more vividly and the more often you do this the better. To further reinforce your new mindset, it helps to talk about getting laid off and being unemployed as often as you possibly can to as many people as you possibly can. Surefire Way #2 – Arrive to work late and leave work early. If you haven’t yet gotten the attention of your employer, this is a great way to do so. It also helps, immensely I might add, to expect to be paid for the time you miss. Surefire Way #3 – Give your employer less in use value than you receive in cash value. Do as little of your employer’s work and as much of your "stuff", or absolutely nothing at all, as you possibly can during work hours thus "stacking the deck in your favor". By the way… As they tend to easily forget… It helps to remind your employer as often as you can that… At least you’re there! 🙂 Any one of these three ways, in and of itself, is enough to seriously increase your odds of being laid off should layoffs come to your company. All three, used in conjunction with one another, consistently, will almost certainly insure you a spot in the unemployment line. Copyright (c) 2009 Tony Mase About the Author: Personal Power Course ..thepersonalpowercourse.. 相关的主题文章: