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3 year old child to make a family of all the victims of the death of the three, so many parents reflect! Sohu mother she relented, look at the parents do. There is a treasure mom in the group told us that "do not because the child crying on the way, or harm to others!" She then shared with us what happened to her relatives: young children were amused and tried everything. On the highway, a couple with 3 year old son to travel, vehicles traveling on the highway, when there is no car section, the child said he wanted to touch the steering wheel. The child’s parents began to refuse. I did not expect the child crying, the mother relented, said: "anyway, without what car, you let him touch!" When the child touched not fun, want to open a turn shook his car as the steering wheel, the child’s parents refused to be. Did not expect the child crying, the mother said to her husband: "you looked on, clutching the steering wheel, if there is danger, you can stop in time." The child opened for a while, parents let the child back to the seat. Then the child was crying, the mother can not stand the child crying, said: "well, give you a break……" The vehicle just before long bridge, a little car crashed through the fence directly fall into the river, a family of three killed. Police later found the video in the mother’s cell phone, because the child’s crying, loving mother step by step to let them close to death. A child crying parents will compromise, similar events are staged in countless families every day before dinner: no sugar, but the child crying that must eat, soft hearted adults Mamalielie: "you eat to eat for you, so if you do not eat I beat you!" The children do not eat well, even so, also can escape the mall, modeled on the blame; the mother said: "can not buy the dinosaurs, there have been many dinosaurs home and home a lot of toys you do not play!" The child cried, "I’m gonna have to."!" The adult one face is helpless to take the child to take off from the shelf a green dinosaur doll; in the amusement park, "Daddy, I also want to play the small train……" My father refused the children started crying and stomped off sobbing, tears crosscurrent, passers-by face the strange eyes, the father embarrassed, I’ll have to buy a ticket, the children Poti smile; adults bubble milk for the children, the children to drink milk to drink said a few mouth adults, do not agree, the children started crying against adults, because the child’s crying and extremely tired, "well, don’t cry, you to drink a few mouthfuls……" As a result, the child suddenly drank half a bottle of milk can not drink…… The situation with the circus animal training very much like children, like a tamer, "training" with the adults, why can the dolphin diving rings? This is because the trainer put food in this circle, the dolphin rings multiple times to get the food, you know the drill ring can get food, so when the trainer will put the circle toward the surface, the dolphin can pass the rings out of the water, because of the dolphin, "rings" = "food". The same is true for the training of the tiger in the circle of fire and the dance of the black bear相关的主题文章: