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Venus can’t keep up with the Fu Yuanhui rhythm A question and answer is wonderful. (video) holle树先生�����


Venus can’t keep up with the Fu Yuanhui rhythm? One wonderful. Recently, sports star, walking expression package, red net trend Yuanhui Fu guest variety show "tonight" paramount, accepted the interview of venus. Interview, Venus on the braised pork share with Fu Yuanhui, and asked the team usually in order to control weight, are not allowed to eat?. As a result, Fu Yuanhui responded, "they can’t control me.". Upright character glance. In the program, as Venus predecessors and people come naturally to teach Fu Yuanhui some life experience, say "pick the other half": "see appearance before marriage, after marriage to see character". "The only girl" was stunned, while the meat into his mouth while showing a "cynical" look, said: "it’s easy for men only, he first. You get your heart to you after you don’t love." In the show, Venus homeopathy also referred to these countless young girls coveted "nest side grass", but Fu Yuanhui seems to be the "nest side grass" is not interested, but face care said: "they are very good, but they are tired of watching." Provoked Venus can not help Tucao: "we did not see enough, really full of Han, I do not know hunger."." Fu Yuanhui is stunned: is the chest muscle, touched almost every day." Fu Yuanhui blind exposure swimming team Insider: sun Yang Ningzetao all over the body tired of

金星也跟不上傅园慧节奏? 一问一答精彩着呢 近日,体坛明星、行走的表情包、大势网红傅园慧做客综艺节目《今夜百乐门》,接受了金星的采访。采访中金星端上了红烧肉与傅园慧分享,并问队里平时为了控制体重,是不是都不让吃。结果傅园慧霸气回应:他们控制不了我。耿直性格一览无余。节目中,金星作为前辈和过来人,自然而然想对傅园慧传授一些人生经验,直言“挑另一半”时:“结婚之前看长相,结婚之后看性格”。不料“洪荒少女”却语出惊人,一边往嘴里塞肉一边展现出一副“看透了”的表情,说:“男人很容易始乱终弃的,他先骗你得到你的芳心,把你得到后就不喜欢你了。”节目中,金星也顺势提到了这些无数少女觊觎的“窝边草”,不过傅园慧却似乎对这些“窝边草”不感兴趣,竟一脸不在乎地表示:“他们都很好啊,但是都看厌了。”惹得金星都忍不住吐槽:“我们都没看够呢,真是饱汉不知饿汉饥。”傅园慧更是语出惊人:“就是胸肌腹肌嘛,每天摸来摸去也差不多。” 傅园慧相亲曝游泳队内幕:孙杨宁泽涛全身都摸腻了相关的主题文章: