The new version of hearthstone conjecture at evening trading system — Sina garkisen hearthstone are wegener肉芽肿


The new version of hearthstone conjecture at evening trading system — Sina garkisen hearthstone area first, the browser can probably see the eighth edition of the evening news only implement a keyword, the transaction (Lu Shi also began to engage in the PY transaction). It can be assumed that the new piece of information after the sale and trading of goods should be related to the relationship (is it really out of the trading system?). In fact, before the NGA article had analyzed the feasibility of hearthstone trading system, trading system for control of furnace stone price, for the card game player through the exchange of gold dust or new currency, and cancel the dust production mode. Of course, this may be some Xiaobian Utopia in the hearth, after all, this is a task card package mode, with traditional trading card game still has some differences. So let’s analyze the picture! First of all, Tucao: This is the end or daily evening special meow oh! (should be daily, the daily name is garkisen evening news 233333) headline part depicts a garkisen beautiful scenery chart, small guess is this a new model? Is there a city with a boat? Pass through the map? Of course, with a big headline, and can not guess what, we then look down. This is an article, the article describes in detail the garkisen prosperity of the commercial market, said here will be transformed into an important port city of Ai Ze Lars and shopping are preferred. A few words suggestive, "in the shopping area like a maze of shops and stalls, you can find anything you want (and you don’t want something)", this is not to suggest that we in the auction but small guess we can make nothing of it, and if it is pushed out shopping area, then can purchase transaction exchange is not only a card, there will be some novelty. The article also mentioned the illegal trade, smuggling, perhaps with the black market has some relevance? Continue to guess. This is an advertisement, see the largest supermarket to Azeroth my eyes bright, is a new piece of information is "garkisen stores"? Will not, furnace stone to launch the mall system? (888 red haired Jaina Limited home!) , a joke, conscience Blizzard should not do so, or World of Warcraft has become dating site 2333. But see coupons really make me a tight XX, discount card what the casual players like. The delicacy and kingdom, really hard to imagine and snack vendors and banquet priest on the map shouting sell pancakes to chicken, it is a large hole in brain. The last is the small ads, there should be just some extra gadgets, but when I saw that a Flametongue totem, I remember the skin and accessories. Blizzard is not difficult to launch the hero after the skin really want to launch card skin? (look forward to the golden toilet blue rainbow fire roar dad and collision scene 2333), also we still cannot ignore this obituary, appeared in more than one evening keywords, but small prediction should have much relationship with deathwhisper not, may be some fresh machine.相关的主题文章: