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OPPO, vivo high net profit rose, Meizu embarrassed again – Sohu [Technews] new technology technology with the rapid development of the situation, recently in the intelligent mobile phone market frequently "OPPO and vivo two mobile phone manufacturers on the headlines, and began to brush presence in high earnings". November 3rd, Qualcomm released the 2016 fiscal year fourth quarter earnings. Reported revenue of $6 billion 300 million in the quarter, an increase of $13%, according to U.S. GAAP (GAAP), Qualcomm net profit of $1 billion 600 million, an increase of 51%. Analysis of the industry, Qualcomm fourth quarter revenue and net profit in the fiscal year 2016 is the best, thanks to mobile chip sales growth and high Chinese and intelligent mobile phone manufacturers signed a new licensing business. This year, Qualcomm and OPPO and vivo two companies signed a patent license agreement, the two mobile phone manufacturers in the past while using Qualcomm’s technology, but due to various reasons, has not signed patent license and Qualcomm, naturally there is no pay back. After winning the OPPO and vivo, the two mobile phone manufacturers in the smart phone market, the wonderful performance, so Qualcomm net profit rose. Qualcomm’s revenue comes mainly from two, one chip sales, a variety of wireless communications technology patents. The former slowdown in the smart phone market, mobile phone manufacturers to make the chip becomes the trend of the environment, the development prospects are not optimistic; patent licensing has become the focus of Qualcomm revenue. China Qualcomm antitrust case settled after Qualcomm reduced patent fees, and with HUAWEI, millet, OPPO, vivo, 110 domestic manufacturers signed a licensing agreement, authorized business patent in force on the road, go smoothly. However, Meizu Qualcomm is a stumbling block". Unlike other mobile phone manufacturers, Meizu has refused to pay royalties to Qualcomm, the reason is Meizu did not use Qualcomm, and Qualcomm development unreasonable patent fees will restrain domestic enterprises. However, the real situation of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers is to pay a patent fee of a public phone, is rapidly developing, and Meizu is tied to the patent dispute with Qualcomm, the market performance is not good. In this regard, Meizu need to respect intellectual property rights, to solve the problem of patents, and then focus on the development of smart phones. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news (read: first figure source: Qualcomm)相关的主题文章: