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Foreign media: after Jobs era Apple profits soared but the lack of breakthrough products Apple CEO Cook Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 1st news, senior technology media Walter · Moss Berg (WaltMossberg, Mossberg) on Wednesday wrote that apple CEO Cook took 5 years to achieve significant growth in revenue and profits, launched a large the size of iPhone6, iPad Pro and other popular models, driven by growth in product sales. However, compared with the Jobs era, the biggest problem is the lack of new products in the era of Cook. Under the leadership of Cook, Apple has just launched a new product AppleWatch, but also has not become a scientific and technological necessities. ApplePay and Apple Music services are currently being improved, but their prospects depend on external factors such as merchant acceptance. Apple’s recent iPhone sales are down, companies need a new breakthrough products to reverse the situation, and sooner rather than later. The following is the full text of the article: five years ago last week, the legendary Steve · (Steve Jobs) outgoing apple CEO. Under the leadership of Jobs 14 years, Apple’s strong recovery from a bankrupt company to return to glory. Jobs personally chose apple COO Tim (TimCook) as his successor, and then died in 6 weeks after the death of ·. So what happened to apple in the first five years of the Cook era? And Jobs era peak differ? In simple terms, Apple’s profits soared to a level that Jobs might not have imagined. Apple has also been fine-tuning the hot line, retaining most of the senior talent. However, under the leadership of Cook, Apple has yet to launch a new era, like Jobs so vulgar nuclear stunning products. Or it may be that apple is developing this product, but we don’t know yet. But while it may be hard to believe, 5 years may be too short for the Cook era. As the new iPhone will be released next week, it is necessary to look back at what has changed in the past 5 years. Profits soared as a senior product evaluation, I am interested in Apple’s financial situation is lower than the product, but the financial situation can not be ignored. Although other media have given a lot of information about Apple’s financial position in Cook’s five years in office, but here I would like to list some highlights. In Cook’s first five years in office, Apple’s revenue and profits have almost doubled to an astonishing $234 billion, $53 billion. Apple’s revenue and profits in recent quarters, a rare decline, but the performance of Cook’s five year tenure is still admirable. This summer, Apple sold tenth iPhone, which is less than 10 years from its listing. Compared with the total sales of Android phones, this is not much, but for a single high-end product line, which is undoubtedly phenomenal. Last year alone;相关的主题文章: