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Do not keep the rules of the company who is your privacy exposed? Lead: Norway Consumers Association (Norwegian Consumer Council) recently released a report, Fitbit, Garmin, Mio SPORTS BRACELET and Jawbone four brands of violation of user privacy. (source: curiosity daily Author: Zhang Zhiwei) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! In this report, the researchers used 15 SPORTS BRACELET very key user privacy on Fitbit Charge HR, Garmin entry VivoSmart HR, Mio Fuse, Jawbone UP3 four compare the heart rate monitor support. The results show that the four Bracelet in the course of the use of the collection of additional user information, such as the full name of the bracelet wearer, the specific date of birth, etc.. Norway Consumers Association believes that bracelet manufacturers only need to know the user’s nickname and year of birth can be, and will not affect the accuracy of the services they provide. The report also pointed out that when the user uses the terms (Terms of Service) to increase or decrease the details of the adjustment, the user will not receive notification. Four Bracelet manufacturers did not tell the user to wear Bracelet data generated are shared to the third parties, there is no description of the user’s physiological and health related data will be saved for how long. It is worth noting that, Fitbit, Garmin and Jawbone Bracelet users can not prohibit manufacturers to share their data to third parties. When the user takes the initiative to log off and delete the account, all data generated before will not be deleted at the same time. In the wearable market, Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone and other companies can be regarded as the leader in the industry. They are well aware of the massive user movement and physiological monitoring data gathered, there is considerable commercial value. Each user’s data can be regarded as a unique sample. When the hands of the company to grasp the sample is wide enough to be able to develop a variety of specific and practical data mining. For example, according to the date of birth, height, weight and other data recommended by the corresponding daily exercise plan, according to exercise and resting heart rate provides personalized breathing guidance, etc.. In addition, the bracelet manufacturers may also be the user’s physiological and motion record data sold to third parties, such as advertisers, private hospitals, insurance companies to obtain income. Today’s sports wristbands can measure the physiological indicators are still very limited, mainly to measure and monitor heart rate. With the addition of more sensor components, smart wristbands, watches and other products will soon be able to monitor the ability to upgrade, but also increased the risk of more personal health core data being leaked. At that time, we come back with the big and wearable companies can not talk about privacy issues, it may be too late.相关的主题文章: