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Depth evaluation of the five level 150 thousand SUV, who can win in the subjective evaluation – Sohu 霍金hawking


Depth evaluation of the five level 150 thousand SUV, who can win in the subjective evaluation? Sohu car look at the title of the "year" two words, you should know that we want to make a big news. Since the horizontal evaluation as driving hsupai signs column, always have a way to get the same level models each other, the number of models and participate in horizontal comparative evaluation is also more and more, there have been signs of colleagues responsible for rental of the workload is too big to bloom exodus…… The transverse comparative evaluation this time is based on SUV under the background of increasingly prosperous city, driving hsupai seemings and those holding keenly aware of a budget of 150 thousand yuan, all day with how to choose a suitable city SUV worry about buyers bitterness. In order to get rid of the awkward heart of healing, driving hsupai joint Aston, buy a car and ask known KOL in a popular city SUV horizontal evaluation, a lot of effort, to five in 150 thousand yuan level joint mainstream city SUV cross-border car sale, made a horizontal evaluation. In the five Taiwan city Hengping SUV are the Qashqai, Honda XR-V, Skoda Yeti and Mazda ix25 modem, CX-4. Small partners together, are very curious about several hot selling competing models put together to test the results of the comparison? From the buyers point of view, several alternative models will reflect what the difference? Special note: the limited equipment and site conditions may not reach the host plant so strict in the process and the quantitative data, but the advantage is that you can not become a mere formality, for example, we also use a blind test this experience cannot First impressions are strongest way to feel the internal environment of the vehicle, and the number of models is relatively rich, and in the back to back the test is easy to distinguish the different characteristics of these 5 cars. In addition to the more common city, high-speed road, bumpy road test drive hsupai outside, and this group had five Taiwan SUV crazy pull to the test site for a multi car comparison test, similar to the way the vehicle of subjective evaluation in the development stage in the host plant, and conventional plate appearance – "stay the interior dynamic mechanical comparison of different one by one. The basic data of the 5 cars are as follows: test items: according to the order from the first. The steady-state test is used to determine the vehicle stable steering characteristic state, can be considered into road uniform turning vehicle easily oversteer or understeer,, or was neutral. We according to the requirements of the GB / T6323 using a 15 meter radius of the circle to test. The results are as follows: the steady state test results make us a little frightened. A Yeti is actually to adjust the excessive tendency is steady, the critical state will not support rear wheel slip out, this in the back of the moose test is also reflected in the Yeti, the tail is very active, arguably this style generally does not appear in the SUV, see ancient brothers with salt or young models more passion. Two is a sense of control of the XR-V is the most obvious lack of steering car, the front wheel is easy to slip. The Qashqai performance is the Siping I相关的主题文章: