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The long and short term debt intertwined trend is difficult to have a chance of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Near the end of the season, since the funds rate rise will further reduce the configuration requirements in mid August, continued pressure down debt market, hit early interval along the rebound in the period when bond prices last week. According to the recent level of market allocation needs cooling, increase quarter financial fluctuations and fed on changes in the market interest rates approaching we believe that the bond market will maintain the oscillation in the support and safe haven yields sideways under the overall wait-and-see appropriate. Concerned about the seasonal fluctuations in the central bank last week invested a total of 170 billion yuan for the reversal of the repurchase of 7 days, the price of $14 for the reverse repurchase and MLF operations of $275 billion, a total of 86 billion 900 million net invested funds. Since the end of August the central bank to restart the 14 day of the open market reverse repurchase, the central bank’s daily operating tools increased from the previous 7 days to the operation of the 7 day, the other day, as well as other types of directional control tools with comprehensive control. Monetary policy to maintain a stable tone has not changed, the lock short put long regulatory means more obvious. Changes in the level of interest rates can be seen from the capital, Shibor overnight, 7 days interest rates continue to rise, while the overall level of interest rates for more than 14 days of the overall pressure weakness. Visible, the policy effect has been fully reflected, which is also beneficial to reduce the level of market leverage. Therefore, the central bank does not rule out the possibility of a longer period of time through the policy tools to regulate the market. However, near the end of the season and the end of the time point, should be more concerned about the impact of short-term and seasonal fluctuations in the capital market. Last week, the sharp rise in the level of Hibor interest rates should cause vigilance. The Mid Autumn Festival, the market will be short-term funds face the impact of the Fed’s meeting on interest rates, bank MPA assessment and other important events, expected capital movements will be expanded. For the debt market, the rise in short-term capital interest rates will further reduce the demand for capital allocation. The first half of the market to warm up a total of 251 billion 200 million yuan last week, the issue of interest rate debt, including $95 billion 600 million treasury bonds, local debt of $108 billion 900 million, $46 billion 700 million policy financial bonds. This week is expected to issue 64 billion yuan of treasury bonds, $24 billion policy financial bonds, local debt of $9 billion 900 million. From the issuance of bonds last week, the subscription situation, the bond market continued to cool the market configuration. From the previous maximum of about 6 times the winning bid to now about 3 times the winning multiple, the overall cooling rate significantly. At the same time, the overall configuration of the policy bank bonds still warm, but there are some cooling, especially the configuration requirements of ultra long debt has been basically returned to the previous level. Visible, in the overall decline in the rate of decline in the process, due to the gradual decline in the value of the configuration, a market enthusiasm began to slide. More importantly, the central bank locks short put long policy can effectively reduce the level of leverage in the bond market before the abnormal long debt allocation gradually settled, conducive to the overall stability of the financial system, to guide capital off the virtual reality. Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates相关的主题文章: