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Cook once again behind the sound of augmented reality called interpersonal communication can not be naughty怎么读


Cook once again behind the sound of augmented reality called interpersonal irreplaceable Cook interview Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 14th news, according to foreign media reports, in an interview published on Thursday, Apple CEO Tim · Cook (Tim Cook) reiterated the company to enhance the practical attitude, called the technology to enhance the ability of the human experience, making it more likely to succeed than virtual reality technology. Cook said in an interview, interpersonal relationships can not be replaced, it is hoped that technology will help strengthen interpersonal communication." Cook has repeatedly on Apple’s virtual augmented reality products to avoid the question, we have a lot of investment in the field, and will continue to invest. In the long run, we value augmented reality. We believe that augmented reality technology has great potential, so we continue to invest in the technology." In the interview, Cook also talked about other topics, I think there are some interesting applications of virtual reality technology, but it is not as augmented reality is a technology that has a wide range of applications. The development of augmented reality technology takes time, I think it has far-reaching significance." Although Apple has not yet disclosed augmented reality strategy, but it has carried out a number of strategic acquisitions in the field, such as the acquisition of motion capture technology company Faceshift last year and Germany Metaio. In addition, apple is also the independent development of virtual augmented reality technology, such as transparent displays, and iPhone supporting the virtual reality system, advanced computer vision technology, etc.. (you want to see more foreign leaves) interesting and novel technology news? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.相关的主题文章: