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The depth of | to study from the entry, the field of artificial intelligence is the 20 document read (853) – Sohu technology selected from Richtopia Author: DERIN CAG machine of the heart: the value of Wu Pan and participate in the compilation of Du Xiade and Li Yazhou artificial intelligence is our human life plays a more and more important, they are taking over our work, help us more efficient and safe production, and even change the way we live and exist. It is important for us to understand this unprecedented change: what is artificial intelligence, where it comes from, and where it will go in the future? But there is no answer to this question for all of us, and we seem to have a problem with all these issues, and there are many more people who don’t understand what it is. If you want to learn about artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence, it is a good way to read some books. Only when you have enough knowledge of artificial intelligence can you come up with your own ideas about it. Here, Richtopia founder and CEO Derin Cag recommended 20 books and papers related to artificial intelligence. He thinks, whether you are already working in the field of artificial intelligence for a few years, or lack of experience and want to enter the field of artificial intelligence, these books and the white paper will be able to help you understand the current state of artificial intelligence and the future developing tendency. The second part of the AI white paper can be downloaded by clicking the original text. Intelligence: A Modern books 1.Artificial artificial intelligence Approach (Artificial Intelligence: a modern approach) author: Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig Stuart Russell is the science of physics, University of Oxford at the age of 20, won the highest honor award, four years after he went to Stanford University to obtain a Ph.D. in computer science, currently teaches at University of California at Berkeley. Peter Norvig worked at Google, director of research. He is a member of the American Association for artificial intelligence and a member of the association of computing machinery. This is the introduction of artificial intelligence, one of the most comprehensive textbook, is the best choice for students in the field, the general undergraduate and graduate students, classes can be arranged for a semester or two semesters. The author of the third edition also includes Dr. Norvig, the introduction of artificial intelligence theory and practice of the latest information. 2.Machine Learning (machine learning) author: Tom M. Tom M. Mitchell is a professor of computer science department of CMU Mitchell. This should be your entry into the field of artificial intelligence to read the primer. The first edition of the book in 1997, has been cited numerous times, introduced the computer algorithm is how to make the machine constantly self promotion. The book describes a lot of learning styles, as well as learning theory. Reading this book does not need someone n相关的主题文章: