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10.31 Iraq to freeze production of "move" operating profit over the storehouse of crude oil at night you can also We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: 10.31 Iraqi frozen treat "move" operating profit over the storehouse of crude oil at night you can key teachers; the successful investor itself is different from the general people, you is more senior people. I’m the one who takes you to a successful investor. Let’s take a look at the news side; last Friday, the U.S. GDP data released, investors worried that strong data GDP data will increase the probability of interest rate hike in December. And 29 am, in the distance from the election day of voting only when the United States, FBI, said the Secretary of the United States, due to the discovery of new cases related to the case, decided to restart the mail door survey. Because of the matter or have the opportunity to influence the election, after the news of U.S. dollar against a basket of currencies once dropped, and the funds for risk aversion have fueled the price of gold and silver. This week, gold will usher in a super week, the United States, Japan, Britain, Australia, the central bank will hold a meeting on interest rates, the European Central Bank will convene the cmc. In addition, the euro zone CPI, GDP, PMI, ADP and other non farm data released in succession, please focus on investors. OPEC said on Saturday that in the informal meeting, on the implementation of the Algiers agreement did not reach an agreement, this would lead to further deterioration of the current situation of petroleum investment; the lack of specific actions to support the weak oil prices, it can be seen from the inventory, the oil market still exists excess supply pressure, oil recovery process is expected to take a long a period of time, can not take the risk of postponing further adjustment of oil strategy; hope to reach a final consensus on production in November 30th. How to look at the evening of crude oil market outlook; the evening of crude oil from the four hour chart, operation attention below $47.62, from the daily MACD and KDJ indicators are arranged below the space. Continue to focus on the top of the $48.70 line market, if the breakthrough $47.62, then continue to lighten up short, about $47.49 below the support line. The 49.58 day of the empty single friends to profit $0.92, quite with asphalt 92 points, in the hands of a single friend can continue to hold. Night operations are still bearish trend. Surplus out of the friends of the market outlook can contact the author. The article has a delay, delay, and so you see my article, I may have missed the operational ideas given. Need to be more on the layout of my friends can add 1460748789 of my WeChat, I am in real time to guide the profit margin, you can also. Today is the last day of month ending line, please strictly investment friends must not stop, Jigong rash. We must seize every opportunity to make a profit at the same time do a good job of risk control, so as to go in the financial markets more long-term. Note: the above article is written by the risk control analyst相关的主题文章: