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CICC: sure to buy to sell the stock list and update that CICC: sure to sell the stock list and buy that update (September) that conviction buy sell ratings list this list will be given that industry analysts are convinced that buying A shares, Hong Kong stocks sell rating and stocks were collected, and the preparation of index tracking. This report is updated every month, we will provide a list of the latest performance of the stock in the report, showing the basic financial information, valuation, catalyst, etc.. This list is based on the bottom-up stock selection strategy, in our coverage of the A shares, stocks, shares in the list is expected to get a higher absolute income and relative industry excess returns. The list of shares transferred conviction buy (13.290,   Chihong -0.14,   -A, -1.04%) (68.240,0.39,   0.57% flush) -A, dragon light estate -H; the out of stock for the conviction buy list dongfangyuhong (24.230,   0.93,3.99% -A), sea orchid house -A. Dazu laser (22.910,   -0.14,   -0.61% -A), Jin Jia shares (10.910,   0.12,1.11% -A), Yi Bai Pharmaceutical (17.450,   -0.23,   -1.30%) -A, GRG (15.410,   0.07,   0.46%) -A, China Qingtian software -H, Chinese the development of overseas -H, Lianhua Supermarket -H, bloomage biotechnology -H, Tao in environmental protection -H. Our latest A shares that list buy a total of 23 stocks, including: flush, Spring Airlines (47.540,   0.01,0.02%), Eastern Airlines (6.500,   -0.01,   -0.15%), Ninghugaosu (9.020,   0.02,   0.22%), Shanghai Airport (27.640,0.14,   0.51%), the Guangzhou Shenzhen railway (4.280,   0.03,   0.71%), Sinotrans development (18.330,   0,   0%), Luoyang molybdenum (4.020,   0,   0%), Huace (12.530, Chihong detection,   0.23,   1.87%), Highlander (36.700, -0.09,   -0.24%), Shiji information (25.170,   -0.08, -0.32%), Accelink (71.930,   2.03,   2.90%), UOB shares (15.400,   -0.25,   -1.60%), yu;相关的主题文章: