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Pregnant with the baby’s mother will become ugly? Sohu has been maternal female beauty mother in folk, mother ugly men are saying, that pregnant mothers daughter can make the skin better, and with the boy will make mothers fat secretion, thicker cuticle, will look ugly. Such rumors reliable? Mommy looks change why? Mothers have high estrogen skin changes ugly suspicion pregnant mothers are caused by changes in hormone levels. After pregnancy, the mother will be a significant change in hormone levels, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone will rise significantly. Estrogen plays an important role in maintaining the normal structure and function of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, although it can make the skin of women become more tender. As the pregnancy tonic and environmental pollution, increase estrogen, many pregnant women’s estrogen levels are too high, there are ugly. Melanocyte stimulating hormone increased pituitary function during pregnancy chloasma active melanocyte stimulating hormone secretion increased, a large increase in estrogen and progesterone, promote skin function of melanocytes, melanin increases, pregnant color deepened, cheek may appear pregnancy chloasma. Fetal sex will not change the appearance of pregnant mothers for fetal sex on the level of maternal sex hormones, academia and there is no unified view. In fact, compared to before pregnancy, regardless of whether the fetus is male or female, the mother’s body hormone levels will be significantly changed, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone will rise significantly. Even that hormone levels associated with the sex of the fetus of pregnant Mammy, statistical difference data is not very large in close to the production, the content of estradiol in vivo with the girl’s mother was about 23000ng L, with a boy of about 20000ng L. Have been discussed in the past, for the desire to retain the beauty of the skin of the quasi mummy, pregnant women in vivo estrogen level is already too high. If there is a male baby pregnant women estrogen level is indeed a little lower, then those pregnant women’s skin should be better. But in fact, whether mothers can keep the skin bright and beautiful, not only depends on the level of estrogen, is also related to many factors such as environment, living habits. Therefore, in order to determine the state of the skin to observe the baby’s mother to determine the sex of the fetus in the womb, is not reliable. Conclusion the mother’s skin is better or worse than a lot of factors, the sex of the fetus can not be seen from the mother’s skin. To remind you of the mother is, in order to determine the sex of the fetus is the most accurate way to B ultrasound, but the national Yi Mingwen ban on the detection of fetal sex. Pregnant mothers how to care for their mothers? The skin does not change significantly due to pregnancy, in theory, as long as the choice of the national quality certification of skin care products, especially some high brand credibility, the composition and not affect the fetus, there is no need to complete the "format" daily skin care goods. But from another perspective, during pregnancy相关的主题文章: