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Hezhou, Guangxi, a car for 6 years without a record of violation of the provisions of the year 126 jcuv是什么车


Guangxi Hezhou a car for 6 years did not conduct violation record 126 – Beijing new network in Hezhou in November 12, (Zhang Guangquan Zhu Yuwan Yu Jing) Guangxi Hezhou City, a black car for 6 years without inspection, illegal recording of 126, netizens ridicule as "the most cattle illegal car". Local traffic police department, 12, said, because the vehicle had been marked by the traffic police query system for forced retirement vehicles, police still can not confirm that the main violation of the owner. The day before, Hezhou traffic police department received a public warning, a black car parked in the warehouse door, obstruct their discharge, request the traffic police department to inform the driver to move the car. Upon inquiry, the police found that this car license for the laurel J car since 2009, has not been carried out for 6 consecutive years of vehicle inspection, the cumulative handling of illegal records as many as 126. These records include running red lights, speeding, retrograde, etc.. These 126 violations, the amount of punishment is a large number, at least 20 thousand yuan, and then from the point of view, we probably forget about it, there are more than and 180 points." Hezhou city traffic police detachment of a brigade police Huang Xiaojing introduction. Police, the car was purchased in 2005, by the end of 2009, the car will no longer participate in the annual inspection. 2009 before the violation are processed, all of these 126 violations occurred after the year of 2009. Public security organs will be forced to scrap the vehicle in accordance with the law. (end)相关的主题文章: