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The actuary gives four mild critical illness insurance payment must weigh the price 小坂めぐる


The actuary gives four mild critical illness insurance payment must weigh price Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Selection of mild disease, early cancer with carcinoma in situ, atypical acute myocardial infarction, minor stroke and coronary intervention (thoracotomy) is the four "required" reporter Yin Lihang – with the improvement of medical standards, the development of major diseases was defined has not fully comply with the medical level. Such as coronary artery bypass surgery — to open chest surgery, but now the general coronary artery bypass grafting, only minimally invasive surgery can, is coronary artery stent or coronary angioplasty. In view of this situation, a number of insurance companies in the industry began to increase the burden of light disease payment in major diseases. The so-called light disease is a major disease in the light of the disease, in the absence of major diseases to pay when the standard can also be paid, reflecting the increasingly humane nature of major diseases. At present, the market most critical illness insurance are included in the mild type of responsibility, mild in 8 to 41 between. So, in the purchase of critical illness insurance, mild part should be how to choose, is the more the better, still need to focus, in addition to outside types also need to pay attention to what? Mild up to 41 kinds of mild concept that meet the standards stipulated in the contract of several kinds of common and frequent disease in critical illness insurance claims does not meet the standard of the case, the insurance company will according to the contract proportion to the customer in advance or part of the payment of additional insurance amount, to help customers arrange treatment. Relieve the economic pressure. "Securities Daily" reporter found that access to a number of insurance companies insurance benefits, now the industry major disease insurance basically contains mild responsibility for payment, but there are some companies with mild illness can be added, extra mild illness insurance payment. Generally speaking, there are 41 kinds of mild disease in the present between the 8 types. Basically most of the company’s light disease include early malignant tumor or malignant lesions, mild stroke and atypical acute myocardial infarction, small area third degree burn (10%), severely damaged, vision monocular blindness, coronary intervention, intra aortic surgery, pituitary tumors and brain cyst of cerebral aneurysm and cerebral vessels tumor and other diseases. It can be found that the majority of mild diseases are major diseases in the provisions of the following diseases are not within the scope of the protection of the exclusion of liability. For example, most mild contains "pituitary tumors, brain cyst, cerebral aneurysm and cerebral aneurysm, is a major disease benign brain tumor" responsibility "label is not within the scope of protection" part. In addition, "very early malignant tumor or malignant lesions and major diseases in the cancer will not correspond to carcinoma in situ within the scope of protection; chronic lymphocytic leukemia is equivalent to the A Binet staging system; Hodgkin’s disease is equivalent to the Ann Arbor staging system I the degree of skin cancer (; do not include black on malignant相关的主题文章: