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The lack of childhood playmates, was such a terrible thing! Sohu recently read an American mother "psychology" annual, which published an article "a childhood buddy on the growth of children in the end how much influence? "Attracted my attention, published an article that grew up with their friends, learning, children can grow up, in the interaction of learning basic communication skills, understand the basic rules of interpersonal communication, and through buddy reaction, continue to correct their behavior, cultivate positive social interaction ability. The lack of children and childhood playmates, there is a lack of social skills training opportunities after school also may not be accepted students, and all kinds of risk of psychological and behavior problems so as to increase the day after school. Have a chat, and several of the children’s education is to take care of their parents, really alone, many of their educational idea is correct, such as respect and identity of children, good at observing children and guide the child’s interest and so on. However, when it comes to the child’s playmate, these parents would be biased. Some parents who know "education" have formed a circle and are very similar in their habits and customs. So, the children play on the issue, in addition to several own kids, on the other "invisible" shows the attitude of rejection. At the same time, also inevitably to those who don’t love children, with some inappropriate labels, such as a certain love to bully people, such conduct is not good, or so too squeamish like. Therefore, the child can play with a group of children in time, in addition to the school break is not much. Man is a social animal, the child is also a social person, the future will eventually enter and integrate into society. And the children in school learning, but also in the relatively protected small society, learn how to deal with people, and the importance of interpersonal communication is no less than the learning of knowledge. It is also very important for children to make mistakes and make mistakes. They are in the process of making mistakes in learning and gain experience, in order to grasp the relative norms of social conduct, so as to learn to think, risk judgment and restraint. Childhood children are very valued companions, which is one of the most important ways of their social development, but also for the future of the children laid a good foundation for interpersonal relationships. If in order to protect the child, the parents let the child away from the so-called "bad boy", is not a very wise approach, from one extreme to the other extreme. Therefore, if the child does not have a variety of playmates in childhood, is a terrible thing! One is the adult world including two parents and adults, the world is peer peer relationships in children personality and social development, plays a unique role than the adults, they gradually realize their image and status in the company, meet their sense of belonging, and the need for love and respect. In particular, after primary school, the sense of belonging to the family from the beginning of the transfer to partners, they need the support of partners, friendship, from which to gain a sense of security and spiritual sustenance. After entering elementary school, the parents of the children’s control power weakened, children and parents stay!相关的主题文章: