Craig appeared in lucky Rogan studio Winter Soldier officially joined the entertainment Sohu 爱多vcd


Craig appeared in "lucky Rogan" studio "Winter Soldier" officially joined the Sohu   entertainment; Daniel – Craig Daniel – Craig   appeared in the studio; Sebastian Stein joined Sohu entertainment news (the Da son) by the famous Hollywood director Steven Soderbergh’s "lucky Rogan" (Logan Lucky), is currently the United States shooting in Atlanta. The film was released today two messages: one is one of the actor Daniel Craig appeared in the studio, wearing a striped prison uniform shape shocking; two is the latest film exposure casting news, once in "Captain America" in the series for the winter soldiers in a corner of popular Sebastian Stein. Will officially join the film, playing a has won three NASCAR Sprint Cup champion racer, he intends to return to the stadium. Judging from the current lineup of the film, "lucky Rogan" will be a very desirable male group. "Lucky Rogan" will be shot at the NASCAR game in a robbery case, many people have been involved in this case. The film could be made into a horror movie. Soderbergh is one of the most famous American director, won the "sex, lies and videotape" won the Cannes Palme d’Or in 80s, and the "traffic" won the Oscar Award for best director. In "lucky Rogan", Channing Tatum will play the actor, he and Soderbergh had a good relationship, two people have worked with "side effects", "magic Mike", "Mike Magic 2" and other works, middle-aged actor actor – Michael Shannon starred in "99 families" and "sludge", "revolutionary Road", is also very brisk. In "13 hours" crisis "fatal gift" in the film had wonderful performances of David has been confirmed before joining Damman, he plays the role of a car dealer, is played by actor Tatum Channing – ex husband, two people have a lot of scenes. "Lucky Rogan" has confirmed that the stars including Catherine – Heigl, Adam – Driver, Seth – Macfarlane, Hilary – actress Oscar Swank has also joined. In the latest photo studio, Adam Driver and Craig have the same box. "Lucky Rogan" will be landing in October 13, 2017 North American Theaters, is expected to impact the next awards season.相关的主题文章: