Shiyan won the title of national forest city to become the only city in the province sql2005安装图解


Shiyan won the title of national forest city to become the province’s only selected city vice mayor of Shiyan Zhang Huili took the "National Forest City" plaque Qin Chu network news reporter Min Bo correspondent Xia Jianfuwang Ling Intern He Mengxue reported: in September 19th, 2016 city construction of forest Chinese meeting held in Yanan City, Shaanxi Province, Shiyan city was awarded the title of "National Forest City". This is the "Shiyan five LIAN" won second Guozihao honors. The forum by the CPPCC National Committee on population and resources and environment, the State Forestry Administration, economic daily jointly organized by the Shaanxi provincial government contractors. Former member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice chairman of the eleven CPPCC National Committee Wang Gang, chairman of the National Committee on forest activities attended the meeting and made an important speech. 22 cities in the country have been approved as a national forest city, Shiyan has become the only city in Hubei this year. Vice mayor of Shiyan Zhang Huili took the "National Forest City" plaque. The picture shows the people’s Park in Shiyan, in January 2013, Shiyan formally proposed the creation of a national forest city goals, the same year 12 menstrual State Forestry Bureau was allowed to create. August 2014 "Shiyan National Forest City construction planning" through expert review, and by the municipal government approved the implementation, in September 2014 won the "Hubei province forest city" award. Over the past three years, the city in accordance with the "global mobilization, public participation, and comprehensively promote the" approach, in accordance with the "overall positioning of Wudang, hold water, Green Emerald Forest full of city", has launched a number of major projects, has built a number of demonstration projects, urban and rural environment outlook has been greatly improved, public green the welfare increase year by year, in a relatively short period of time to promote the National Forest City 5 categories of 40 indicators of all standards. Pictured Shiyan city through the creation of National Forest City, the city’s ecological construction pace accelerated year by year, the ecological culture to flourish. Four years of cumulative investment to create about 8000000000 yuan of funds to complete the new afforestation 1 million 404 thousand and 100 acres, 605 thousand and 300 acres of afforestation, the forest coverage rate reached 64.72%, 79; new construction and expansion of parks, area of nearly 4 million square meters, urban green coverage rate of 41.98%, 12.04 square meters per capita green park construction; Easy Access 600 kilometers, the construction of Library Week 218 thousand acres of ecological isolation zone and river forest 560 km; the implementation of rural afforestation 150 thousand acres; new and promoted above the provincial level nature reserves 5, Forest Park 5, wetland 4; new forest base of nearly 1 million acres, 2015 total forestry output value exceeded 11 billion yuan, 2.2 times in 2012. The Forestry Department of Shaanxi Province, Jiangxi province forestry bureau, Guangdong province forestry bureau, Yanan City, Shaanxi Heilongjiang Shuangyashan City, Zhejiang Jinhua City, Fujian Sanming City, Shandong Weifang, Henan Shangqiu and Hubei Shiyan city for the exchange of the general assembly. Zhang Huili said in his speech, Shiyan due to the creation of a more dynamic, more attractive, more powerful, but also because of the creation of the people so that more people get a sense of identity, sense of responsibility. Shiyan will take this as a new starting point, the intensity of protection.相关的主题文章: