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Shanghai 13 pilot universities admitted 310 people around ” inter ladder &quot change increased 法拉利599gto


Shanghai 13 pilot universities admitted 310 people around " inter ladder " change rise; someone once called "the intercollegiate vertical lift once a year". When the pilot of the sixteenth year, what happened? The day before, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission announced this year’s recruiting new transfer list, the city’s 13 pilot universities enrolled a total of around 310. The mechanism of choice for students to create another chance for schools and professional, also has been called the intercollegiate "vertical lift once a year". When the pilot of the sixteenth year, what happened? "To" flow trend in 2010, Mr. Chen’s daughter was admitted to Fudan University Independent Recruitment pre, but due to the entrance to play mad with Fudan pass, freshman admission through her weight and was admitted to the Department of Fudan Chinese. Mr. Chen said, "now forget her two tears, once found is the college entrance examination scores, once she learned that by dropping test. If more opportunities, more people can be less regret." Since 2000, Shanghai launched the transfer mechanism, to provide a second chance for the first grade university undergraduate college students, and has been for thousands of students through the "Overpass" dream. The provisions of the Shanghai City Board of education, every student can only apply for a school, and the first grade of the courses have failed shall not apply for admission. Once a year of undergraduate students in the examination Chaban, basically in the May June after the completion of registration, examination. Independent colleges recruit subjects by selected, independent proposition, general science and engineering major assessment of "higher mathematics" and "College English", part of the liberal arts professional examination comprehensive liberal arts "and" College Chinese "or" legal basis". After the completion of the examination, recruiting university will according to the result of admission and a pre admission notice in September, student registration, need to bring the original school of the first grade grade certificate, check before the real professional admission, admission into the second grade school. From this year’s list can be found in the pilot colleges from traditional schools such as Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the professional characteristics of strong universities such as Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, a wide range of drop "up" flow trend obviously. For example, Fudan students recruited on the list, including the original school of Shanghai foreign economic and Trade University, Donghua University, East China Normal University, Shanghai Univer; East China University of Science and Technology School of recruiting students, including Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai Maritime Univeristy etc……. According to participate in the annual college entrance examination score Toudang to enroll students from these rankings, between source and destination, can draw a upward ray. Whether it will cause students cure? Liberation Daily · on the view of news reporters asked a municipal university admissions person in charge, if the "up", it will not let the good students flow away, thus forming "concerns to the development of the school students curing" unfavorable "on the one hand, this kind of flow? Originally, outandin, may send out the students at the same time, more suitable for the training objectives also recruit students," he said, more importantly, it gives students more choice, changed slightly相关的主题文章: