Ranging from double 11! Beijing Madame Tussaud’s Halloween big promotion incoming! dnf商人吧


Ranging from double 11 big promotion! Beijing Madame Tussaud’s Halloween hits! – Sohu travel here, all have become funny fun, all approached becomes reasonable, even videotaping is no longer a candid, outlandish costume are creative…… Because we have a Halloween! In October 29th and 30, from the hundred years of international brand — Beijing Madame Tussaud’s, will carry out a "ghost ghost reproduction Tussauds" as the theme of the Halloween Carnival activities in the museum. Cosplay — is to be out of the ordinary! Only Halloween pumpkin and mask how enough? Here is a "bright star (wax) (like)", but also "(a package) of (ghost)". Fast and buddies in Xi Huan (SCARED) (person) clothing, the thriller the most creative makeup painting, to the Madame Tussaud’s in Beijing high up! Glamour hut — all day long waiting for you to visit the museum is located in the three layer of glamour, hut, take you to feel the heartbeat, cold back stimulation. Two fun game "guess" movie again and again not to speak of "trouble" all day long 4 games, everyone together to play together! Every day 11:00-12:00 & 14:00-15:00 and cosplay selection, remember to come on time Oh! — ghost tongue taste overbearing snacks in the cabin, eating a witch "fingers", "a taste of blood" let the taste, vision and taste the common feeling of fun and stimulating Halloween. The classic movie thriller + carousel, and wax interactive classic horror movie, challenge your intelligence and psychological endurance. There are more than a large loop, let you feel the combination of virtual and reality! & October 29th; October 30th, to play!! to mischief! Dare not go towards the 81? To Qianmen Street No. 18 Beijing Madame Tussaud’s, a central axis of the most thrilling star in Ali journey! Travel in the Madame Tussaud’s flagship store, we have a double ticket super big promotion price 520 yuan, 2 people, one day in advance to buy, only 170 yuan! What are you waiting for the double 11? October 29th & 30, quickly pull the buddy in advance to Halloween! On Madame Tussaud’s in Beijing, Madame Tussaud’s in Beijing, is from England the hundred years of international brands. It is located at 18 pedestrian street, Qianmen Street, a new landmark of Beijing interactive entertainment experience. Beijing Madame Tussaud’s because of its unique cultural connotation has become a tourist attraction for Chinese and foreign tourists to beijing. You can in the eight themed areas with world-class stars and zero distance interactive photo, but also to participate in many wonderful fun interactive games, let you in the collision between eastern and western traditional culture and modern art, a central axis of the star tour. The Madame Tussaud’s in Beijing, the most important of course is interactive and star! You can revisit the classic memory of Monkey King Monkey King, Yang Mi and Angelina encounter elegant goddess · Julie, embrace popular idol Luhan, met genius detective Sherlock and Cong.相关的主题文章: