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The movie isolated island announced Zhang Yishan island and then change the file date on touch. matlab 等高线�


The movie "isolated island" announced Zhang Yishan island and then change the file date on the poster touch fierce entertainment news by Zhang Yishan, Tencent, Ding Ding starred in the youth adventure movie "isolated island", today announced the changed files, specific release date will be scheduled for publication. As a popular network drama "Zhang Yishan" than the crime screen debut film, "isolated island" since exposure became the focus of attention, the film tells the story of Zhang Yishan’s academy students and Ding Ding’s girlfriend embark on an island to carry out after-graduation trip, which was involved in a bizarre case of old stories. "Isolated island" in Zhang Yishan will continue the "sins" more than black in the tough "small muscle" style, in the film again in quasi police role. To show Zhang Yishan in the film the sunshine positive healthy image, the film had National Day period, especially combined with the "green Beijing", "Jiangning police online" police chief micro-blog launched the "National Security Guide" video, Zhang Yishan as a "peace envoy" national travel safety problem combing. Such a sweet and full of positive energy moves, it is attracted many netizens have applauded, looking forward to the movie. Youth adventure movie "isolated island" by director Zhang Huijun, Cai heart producer, directed by Xu Bin, Zhang Yishan, Ding Ding, Zhu Yongteng, Haibo starring, please look forward to.相关的主题文章: