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In Norway and the Russian border fences to prevent refugees through the Arctic route entry – International – people.com.cn according to Russia today (RT) television reported on August 24th, Norway plans to build at the junction of the iron fence only with Russia, in order to prevent the influx of refugees in Norway, and claimed to have many refugees through the Arctic route of entry. According to reports, the new fence will be built in the two countries at the junction, 200 meters long, 3.5 meters high, the fence is installed on the door, the construction will be completed in a few weeks, try to get in the winter frost period before the start, to prevent illegal immigration by forest into Norway, the project has been started, the control of the caribou old wooden barrier has from the border clearance. Norway’s Deputy Minister of justice defended the move, saying: "the construction of gates and fences is a national responsibility." But at the same time, the move was in Norway, some politicians and militant criticism, said the fence would hinder people fleeing war and persecution came to Norway. "Norway has the obligation to help those refugees, the fence passed very negative signals, such as not trust Russia’s message", the group that help refugees in Norway. Norway Immigration Department said that some politicians questioned the reasonableness of this move, because this year there are no refugees from Russia through the Arctic route into Norway. The mayor of Norway, a city adjacent to Russia, said, "there is no need to build a fence." The move is likely to lead to tensions between Norway and Russia, it can be said that the current situation between the two countries can travel visa free travel is a step backward. Norway’s decision to build fences began in April this year, the Minister of Justice said at a news conference, the wall will help ensure better control of population in Norway and Schengen area and set out, because the door will not cause any changes to the normal import in Norway. It is reported that the Russian side of the border between the two countries to build a 196 km fence, has yet to protest against the plan of Norway. It is reported that in 2015, about 5500 refugees from Russia into Norway, forcing the Nordic countries in December to take tougher immigration policy. Many of the refugees who entered Norway through the Arctic route are being repatriated, and some have been sent back to russia. Norway suspended the move. (internship compilation: Li Xin reviewer: Mou Yanchen (?) (Intern), commissioning editor: Li Xuefeng Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: