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Zhongzhou Futures: corn supply pressure short-term price repeat customers to view the latest market price of corn in the near future shock down the price, due to the new corn gradually listed, inventory superimposed supply pressure gradually reflected. But in the market of collective bearish background, there are still some potential good, such as the downstream processing profits improved, pig herds increased slightly, and the substitute of strong, although these factors are not worth mentioning in a bearish background, or ignored by people, but extremely consistent in a prospective market, may also be a slight positive from the market "restless". We believe in the corn policy was passed, not to think about the short-term bearish outlook, corn futures prices to shock thinking. The operation on the 1701, 1705 corn intervals along the shock dips short, stop reference intervals along the broken down effectively. A huge inventory of corn, the pressure on the market is still huge reserves of corn stocks has been the largest invisible pressure on the corn market. Market estimates, since 2008 since the purchasing and storage, domestic corn stocks have reached 2.4 tons, even higher than China’s annual output of maize. From the situation in recent years, the situation of corn storage, because the market demand is not strong, the auction rate of corn is always not high. As of August 20th, in 2016 the number of national public auction of 64 million 835 thousand tons of corn, the total turnover of 14 million 500 thousand tons, the total turnover rate of 22.37%. Among them, 12 weeks overdue sale a total turnover of 9 million 99 thousand tons, turnover rate 29.5%, credit points also 6 weeks turnover 5 million 400 thousand tons, turnover rate of 15.9%. Compared to 2.4 tons of inventory, the national reserve auction volume accounted for only about 6% of the total reserves, the possibility of short-term stock pressure does not ease the pressure on the price effect is self-evident. Two, the new grain market, spot prices fell sharply in the domestic corn market new food market, although this year, some areas suffered drought, flooding, the emergence of production, but the overall growth is good. According to the national grain and oil information center is expected in 2016, the national corn yield was 6.054 tons hectares, representing an increase of 2.7%, of which the northeast yield was 6.662 tons hectares, up 3.7% over the previous year, China is expected to 2016 corn planting area of 36 million 260 thousand hectares, a decrease of 4.87% compared to 2015, is expected in 2016 China’s corn production was 2.19 tons, down 2.26% in 2015, it can be said is a bumper year. After the Mid Autumn Festival, the North China Corn spot prices fell cliff type, up to now, the North China deep processing enterprises mainstream purchase price for 1750-1800 yuan tons, compared with before the holiday fell 50-120 yuan tonnes of corn in Hebei Qinhuangdao area, enterprises listed on the acquisition price of 1740-1780 yuan per ton, compared with before the holiday fell 50-60 yuan per ton, Henan enterprises in Zhumadian area listed on the purchase price of corn 1680 yuan per ton, compared with before the holiday fell 80 yuan per ton. With the increase of new corn market volume, North China corn prices will remain weak, but in the process of transformation from the "policy market" to "market", the policy of corn or the future will become the new library cost pricing reference price of corn..相关的主题文章: