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The man happened to know that they are mother adopted son never mention this newspaper news media reporter Wang Lanlan reported live Bianjing Road community power plant in the family member courtyard of Xiao Zuyan is 78 years old, the old he still worked hard day and night. For decades, Xiao Zuyan while taking care of sick wife, he regrets to take care of mother, mother now has one hundred years old. Xiao Zuyan’s filial piety touched everyone around. November 13th, the reporter came to Xiao Zuyan home. When noon, Xiao Li is carrying a cup of water to his mother, the old man finished drinking water, Xiao Li took a towel to help the old man dry his face and hands, to help the old man comb his hair, and then put the old man to bed for her to take a nap. Xiao Zuyan said that every day after lunch, the mother will sleep for a while. Mother before noon, he will help her first grooming, then let her sleep. Xiao Zuyan told reporters that his parents used to live in the countryside, in order to bring him up, parents from dawn to dusk, there has never been a word of complaint bear bitter hardships. When I was a child, Xiao Yu had secretly vowed in his heart: grow up to be a good parent. A few years ago, Xiao Zuyan accidentally learned that his mother is the son and mother, but he never mentioned this matter. Later, Xiao Zuyan came to the city to work, the parents from side to care. Later, when his father died, his old mother lived with him. Xiao Zuyan’s wife suffering from arthritis, legs hypertension, cataracts and other diseases, need someone to take care of, Xiao Zuyan considering children busy with work, will not hesitate to stir up the burden of care for a wife and mother. For decades, Xiao Zuyan every day to ensure that the mother is cooking, mother eat, eat three meals a day. Xiao Zuyan said: "if not 9 years ago, my mother fell, she can now basic self-care." He told reporters that the mother fell after eating and sleeping on attendance. Xiao Zuyan every day to accompany her mother, to help her get up, dress, brush their teeth, eat, massage, toilet, day after day to repeat these tedious but important care. In Xiao Zuyan’s care, mother does not have a body odor, not a bedsore. Mother love show, Xiao Zuyan every day with the radio; when the weather is good, he pushed his mother to the outside in the sun, a hundred year old mother spirit is very good. See now 78 year old Xiao Zuyan every day to take care of a hundred year old mother, the neighbors in addition to praise and love, everyone is willing to help him. When a reporter asked Xiao Zuyan tired not tired, Xiao Zuyan said: "my mother although I was born, but for my upbringing. My mother has the honor to enter the ranks of centenarians, is my greatest honor in life, but also the honor of our family. Filial piety, caring for the elderly is my responsibility, and then I will continue to suffer hardship, because this is my heart of filial piety." (Video: Bianliang Evening News) son face blind mother to son today: tracing the multinational thermography than do the "top bonsai" of all the police training to enhance the combat effectiveness of today’s hot news: Anyang man from the 23 floor just entered the elevator slide into the 18 floor when the hostess brought two women to class a knife to discourage the people chopped Shangqiu 7 years old man accidentally fell into the river to save a man quietly after leaving Pingdingshan Shesu ex-wife own real estate is refined相关的主题文章: