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Hainan areca Valley colorful folk popular   visitors at ease — intimate comfortable people.com.cn Hainan window, people.com.cn people.com.cn Hainan windows on 9 October, October 7th, the National Day golden week at the end of the day, Yunnan, Fujian, Zhejiang, hung Beijing, Chongqing and other more than ten provinces and cities of the self driving car license waiting queue, ordered into Hainan areca Gu Li Miao tourist area. In contrast to the return flow, "peak shifting trend, Hainan to experience the unique ethnic customs in good weather, the tourists all over the country does not reduce to the enthusiasm of Hainan folk culture. According to statistics, 1 days to 6 days, areca Valley Scenic Area visitor volume, operating income two last year with an increase of 17.93%, 14.94%. National Day golden week, areca Valley Scenic presents a lot of folk highlights. The latest "Sialon Austria" (Li Language: "Li family") become the darling of national day". Many tourists in the experience of national culture at the same time, a professional photographer led the "Li family" feel "tsuishine" and "Niulamu bicycle", "pick mountain bar" and "bar fish" and other items "high Yan value folk experience, play while shooting and interaction, can experience the authentic Li home life, let visitors feel" to make a return to the Li family "happy. During the national day, areca Valley Scenic Area Heritage Village, gainche village, Li Jia, Miao Silver Valley field, orchid cabin seven culture experience constantly enrich the folk experience. In the valley of the Miao Silver Bird Park, elf monkeys, lovely birds, colorful peacocks, bring boundless joy immersed in the fresh breath of the rainforest tourists. In the depths of the rainforest orchid inn, head of flowers, embrace the nature, the original ecological landscape, to create a comfortable and romantic "land of idyllic beauty for tourists". It is understood that 1 days to 6 days, the orchid inn hard to find a room of hot situation, the occupancy rate of up to 100%. In addition, the original large-scale live performance "Rhyme" into the "areca? Field" mode during the festival, 4 performances a day full field explosion Taiwan, even if it cannot meet visitors ticket for standing room dance enthusiasm. Guangdong self driving tourists Ding Quanyong during the visit of areca Valley Scenic Area Service said sure, he said: "in the areca Valley play at ease, intimate, comfortable," the National Day golden week, areca valley scenic spot in the garden order, sanitation, landscape landscape, service quality and safety in all aspects of security to and strengthen the management, visitor reception work is generally stable, the tourists of quality, tourists satisfaction were higher than in previous years, tourism "zero complaint" and the safe production of "zero accident" good situation, by the provincial tourism comprehensive rectification work leading group, Baoting county leaders affirmed. Family travel, leisure travel, short trips, leading group and individual become the golden week tourist consumer; tourists continue to force, for the scenic golden week fire with popularity, achieving the mission and prosperous gratifying situation. (Pan Daqiang) (commissioning editor Wu Zhangui and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: