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Note: the golden Yingxue investment friends! As an analyst, you expose those unknown shady We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: gold investment Yingxue: pay attention to friends! As an analyst, you expose those unknown shady gold investment Yingxue: pay attention to friends! As an analyst, expose those unknown shady I write this post and I hope I can meet someone for you. I hope I can become your investment will help you on the way. I am this person is softhearted, see some other teachers with customers from losing all kinds of despair, to lose confidence in the market, the heart is not the taste, but I can not directly invest loss rob you, told you I am cattle, I can help you, I can make you believe I rely on my direct, this one is not capable of my stupid mouth. So believe that fate is right. If you are a novice, I can also become your investment way guide, make your investment more clear. The author WeChat yxdj661 every non farm, how many customers see this two word is full of opportunity, how many customers see is full of melancholy. These two words are for me. I’m worried about the whole industry. Do not know when to start. The word "hype" appeared. I always thought he’d just be in the entertainment business. Will only appear in the business line, I did not expect, my industry has fallen. The whole circle is gradually getting bogged down in a quagmire. Some of the old customers should feel particularly deep, the market is more and more popular for non-agricultural. More and more exaggerated! In fact, a few years ago, in the eyes of all non-agricultural is just a very common news. Nonfarm payrolls data is just a data. The market will fluctuate because of this data in a short time. Seize the opportunity will have a small harvest. Slowly there are a lot of platform to seize the word, continuous rendering, publicity, so that a lot of new customers think this is a rare opportunity for non-agricultural, have to worry about putting money into the market. So what。 The loss in a complete mess. This is hype. Unscrupulous speculation. I am also very helpless. Because it was a good opportunity. But he should not be regarded as a gimmick to hype. Customer demand in the market. It is normal for us to be an analyst to guide them correctly, to understand the market and not to operate blindly. We are hard-earned money, casually talk people to operate the loss of money, you ask, on my conscience to do. As a colleague, I know you, earn less? Are you short of money? Why even twenty thousand or thirty thousand of small customers do not let go? You have to know that twenty thousand or thirty thousand of them may be less than a month’s salary for you, but for them it is a long time to save money. The gentleman’s love of money in a proper way. I hope you can learn from, to help customers make money at the same time, to obtain their own interests. Some platforms you earn fees, customer loss theory相关的主题文章: