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The open – ward only lost two games last 4 war victory over the dark horse Korbel Caroline Wozniacki to return to the US Open semi-finals Covey Tova beat rivals Caroline Wozniacki in September 7th 2016 US sports Tencent successfully promoted to the race on the ninth day of the battle. Before Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki to 6-0, 6-2 swept out the new French Open champion Mu Gu Raza 90 sevastova strong dark horse to reach the semi-finals. Caroline Wozniacki in the next round will be this year’s Australian Open champion Gobel for the tournament. The competition focus of Caroline Wozniacki has won two US Open women’s singles runner up, now she is not the year ranked first in the world in its style, but hard to still have a certain competitiveness, the us she continuously defeated Russia’s Kuznetsova, Romania player Niculescu and blame American rookie Keith, again after a lapse of two years into the US Open quarterfinals, the game today her opponent is currently ranked forty-eighth in the world of Latvia’s Jose Vaz Tova, the latter second round upset 7-5, 6-4 eliminated Spain’s new champion Mu Gu Raza, then easily 2-0 out of the Ukraine card – Bondarenko, the last round match against the Australian Open semi-finals player Conta, for the first time into the occupation career Grand Slam quarterfinals. The technical statistics of ACE ball Caroline Wozniacki has 2 sevastova, only 1. Double error data Danish sweetheart has 1, the other party does not have. A success rate of up to 80%, Caroline Wozniacki 3341, sevastova is 2645, only 58%. Two in the overall strength and performance have obvious difference, Caroline Wozniacki scoring rate is 2333 (70%), only 1126 (42%) sevastova. Two scoring rate, Caroline Wozniacki is 68 (75%), sevastova is 719 (37%). To break the success rate 45% Wozniak tschida sevastova, this data is 0. The serve score Caroline Wozniacki was 2745 (60%), the other side was only 1241 (29%). Winner Caroline Wozniacki 14 to 11 lead, unforced errors Caroline Wozniacki scored only 5, sevastova in front of the other powerful offensive game has 30. Sevastova total score only 30 points, Caroline Wozniacki 56 points. Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark) sevastova (Latvia) ACE double error scoring rate 23331126 two scoring rate winner 68719 unforced errors (45%) 00 break rate of 511 (0%) total score replay the game Caroline Wozniacki feel very hot, the first set she broke serve sevastova bureau. Third fifth, ward and continuous break in the sixth inning and scored his the ball wins disk Bureau, 6-0 Bureau swept made a good start. Even in the lost after 10 sevastova second fifth game, the first Bureau in saved three break points after Paul made difficult to get the game point. Caroline Wozniacki made bureau 5-1 up, sevastova in the seventh inning to keep their non insurance can not serve, bureau came to 2-)相关的主题文章: