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Look out! Crooks use phone real name system posing as communication administration scam in the rapid advance of the phone real name system work at the same time, even want to cheat which dragged out a pen. Tianjin communications administration released the latest anti fraud announcements, recently received a lot of users, there are criminals posing as staff of the bureau to commit fraud, crooks usually called phone users real name registration has been reported, the ID card information stolen after the illegal telephone number, and telephone users face intimidation as an excuse to stop. Or require users to transfer funds to the designated safe account". This communication administration bureau to remind the responsible person, the staff not to telephone, SMS to inform the public identity information is stolen or illegal card and other information, there will be no more ATM to guide the public transfer and other operations. CIRC also issued a risk warning, pointed out recently received the masses, some criminals posing as insurance regulatory agencies to implement telecommunications fraud, through telephone calls, claiming to be the CIRC or the Insurance Regulatory Commission staff, inform the insurance consumer policy in an insurance company’s overdue arrears, or a month of a year in a business of an insurance agency the company for the policy loans can not repay, then require insurance consumers to transfer according to the guidelines. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission made it clear that the insurance regulatory agencies to handle the matters in addition, complaints and reports related to the insurance consumer protection, not for specific insurance business and insurance consumers to communicate more, does not require the transfer of funds to the contents of assets.相关的主题文章: