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Prepare pre pregnancy can prevent preterm birth? Sohu maternal pregnant mother to have a healthy baby, from pregnancy will begin to avoid the bad habits and habits, in order to minimize the probability of premature delivery. A premature premature pregnancy definition refers to the full 28 weeks to less than 37 weeks of delivery. The newborns are called premature, weighing 1 ~ 2.4kg. The incidence of premature delivery was about 5% ~ 10%, but accounted for about 80% of all neonatal deaths. The higher the number of weeks of pregnancy, the higher the survival rate of premature infants. If the number of weeks before the birth of a premature baby is 28 weeks, the body weight is less than 1kg is very dangerous, and there are more complications. According to authoritative statistics, light weight of the top three causes of death were respiratory failure, pulmonary hemorrhage and sepsis. In addition to the threat of premature death, accompanied by a variety of other complications such as premature eye brain system, retina, lungs and gastrointestinal tract and other diseases, often makes the whole family, constantly on the run to cope, a heavy burden on family members on the physical and mental and social economy. Two, how to avoid premature pregnancy? Before pregnancy, many bad habits and lifestyle are likely to cause premature factors, such as smoking and drinking: 1, use of addictive drugs. 2 poor health habits, causing urinary tract or reproductive system infection. 3 work overload and pressure is too large. 4 malnutrition, weight less than 45kg. 5 pregnant age less than 18 years of age or older than the age of 40. 6 the interval between the two fetuses is less than one year. 7 had an abortion or cervical conization. 8 had premature birth experience. These adverse factors, it is recommended to try to improve or avoid before pregnancy, and prevent and reduce the incidence of preterm birth. Three, the risk factors of pregnancy during pregnancy, the risk factors for premature delivery are as follows: 1 multiple pregnancy. 2 too much or too little amniotic fluid. 3 cervical insufficiency. 4 had abdominal surgery during pregnancy. 5 vaginal bleeding after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy: placenta previa, placental abruption. 6: hypertension, toxemia of pregnancy. 7 abnormal uterine structure: double uterus and double horn uterus. 8 early broken water. 9 acute infection and fever. 10 fetus with congenital disease or infection. Four, the 8 signs can be observed expectant mothers should be aware of the existence of early preterm birth risk, and to avoid or active treatment, the incidence of premature birth to a minimum. In addition to the regular prenatal examination, usually should observe whether there are signs of preterm labor or premature uterine contractions, for example: 1 preterm labor pains: rules or bursts of stomach hardens, every hour from 5 to more than 6 times the contraction of the uterus. If you do not see a doctor in time, the cervix will become thin, expansion and lead to premature delivery. 2 menstrual pain and swelling. 3 persistent backache. 4 vaginal secretions increased or mixed with red blood. 5.相关的主题文章: