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[color] BAOYING hot or not at the Greek home court in Belgium for Wednesday 004 friendlies unbeaten – Sohu: Greece VS Belarus team Greece in the last 3 games qualifying strong performance, scoring 8 goals conceded just 1 goals scored three game winning streak. But opponents are not too strong, so it is worth re inspection quality win. The last 3 games qualifying 2 flat 1 negative, flat home court French eye-catching performance, 1-4 away defeat to Holland’s strength. Greece’s performance in the friendly match has been poor, especially the difference between the main road performance. Home court win rate of less than 50%, the road showed amazing praise. The performance of Belarus in a friendly fair, nearly 2 friendlies in the away team zhanla enemies, friendly guest performance has been good. The two sides have met in a friendly match in 10 years ago, the Greek home court battle 1-0 victory over the opponent. This game has no reference value, but the visitors still have revenge. The game disc out of the home team to let the hemisphere a ball ", with both the strength of the gap. Considering the recent 5 wins in all competitions rapidly, the competitions 3 victorious. So the contrast performance will let become heated side bets on. So the unbeaten or smooth play, see Belarus friendly road record is acceptable, the winner can catch. 006 Holland VS Belgium Wednesday the game both sides is playing in the Holland Junior Senior, Van Persie old, Robben followed after entering the golden period of the. The Belgian golden generation although is holding when it hit, but the team to face the mediocre. Holland was once known as the king of the qualifiers and friendlies. Especially it is rarely home court, defeat. But with the recent old hero, Holland friendly home court has 3 game losing streak, the game is difficult to rebound encounter enemies. The Belgium in recent years to expected value is very high, but the European Cup disappointed. 1-3 0-2, Welsh defeat defeat to Spain fans falsest. Although the European Championship 3 game winning streak, scoring 13 goals in 1 ball was lost, but the match after all yunan. In this battle, or after the test in Belgium the European Cup, consider Holland Luo books or absence of defender kompany favored regression, belgium. The disk, open the home team by tie chupan hemisphere, aocai handicap into a tie plate. So a disc can be reduced, the banker for the lack of confidence. Consider the Holland home court, Belgium is still completely in a handicap advantage, so this game will certainly take advantage of Belgium worry. Consider a friendly little war, shake hands and possibility of large. SMG first draw, against 10 wins, it is safe to pass.相关的主题文章: