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The selection of new wealth countdown brokerage Research Report frequency joke misleading investors regulators cited concern national investment adviser: catch demon king contest at App shares of sina finance: Live on-line blogger to tutor the original title: the selection of new wealth brokerage Research Report countdown frequency joke October 24th evening, Fucheng shares announcement, to make clarification for the future development of Soochow securities research report relates to some of the company’s financial data is not accurate and speculation, and directed many research reported in that does not represent the status of the company. This is also the October brokerage because Oolong research reported event second boarded the headlines". Previously, because Changjiang Securities in a research report behind Topchoice medical public face "". In the ticket business Oscar "the selection of new wealth like a raging fire voting stage, in order to canvass, the brokerage analyst is resorted to exhaust all the skills. In addition to Yinshizuofu, poster, "offbeat" make painstaking efforts to write research report has become the analyst "limelight" means. In addition, the reporter found that in the recent brokerage Research Report, the new wealth to vote for the first XX, the new wealth to urge support XX and other words frequently appear. Analysts believe that the seller’s Research Report in the value of the buyer is often easy to be distorted, which doped the interests of investment banks, commission interests, etc.. Brokers should improve the internal management system, improve the professional level and quality of researchers, come up with a weight, the strength of research reports, to become a real broker research star". The number of firms this year was "the face" reportedly, Fucheng A shares above idicating from Soochow securities issued in October 13th for "Fucheng depth report two: 3 10 billion support research report" the market capitalization doubled (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). The report on the subsequent development of shares into the blessing is expected, and gives a buy rating. The report pointed out that the blessing is the future of the shares of the funeral industry in the future of the absolute leader, 3 of the 10 billion noteworthy, in which the first of the 10 billion refers to the market value of 12 billion of the net profit of 14 billion, within the development of the end of 30 years. The pagoda cemetery planning a 125 thousand graves, 40 thousand ashes sites. A total of 3, after the completion of all the graves of the, 1H16 tomb price of 66 thousand yuan (+30%). In fact, the research report said sales unit data from 400 thousand graves is not accurate, after verification, the original pagoda cemetery in Sanhe is surrounded by some local mining early barren hill left, land destruction, the barren hill has been the big shareholders and related enterprises to use for a long time, is now in the flat, greening, planting fruit trees and ecological restoration, the kind of barren hill land area of approximately 3000 acres, which is currently not in Fucheng shares and pagoda cemetery under the name of. Fucheng shares announcement also explained that the realization of the company does not evaluate Soochow Securities Research Report industry related data accuracy and the future of the industry growth data. Public information, the Hebei Food Co., Ltd. (stock referred to as Fuk shares) is a company engaged in dairy cattle and beef cattle breeding, feed processing, beef cattle slaughter, food theory相关的主题文章: