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Such as oil ink cow nouveau riche Green Expo new product crowd the dark oil, "happiness" mode, cattle farming system of mobile phone…… With the "Green Expo officially opens a big wave in the market usually rare fresh green food, cool agricultural science and technology and other exhibits, so that exhibitors and the general public and delicious feast. If the oil ink has the function of health care provided a soybean oil, people immediately think of the golden color, but the dark oil you have seen? Yesterday, in the "Green Expo" Province Supply and marketing cooperatives booth before, a known as "dragon Tian No. 1" stupid squeezed black soybean oil attracted the attention of the participants. According to reports, the reason is dark, because the raw material is high quality black beans, after low temperature pressing, to ensure that all the nutrients are not destroyed, but also effectively eliminate the residual acid, alkali, heavy metals and harmful substances such as cholesterol, so that the oil is clear, the smell of natural fragrance. Black soybean oil is a kind of edible oil with health care function, which can prevent and reduce the occurrence of various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis, and can improve and improve the digestive system function of human body, and has the function of reducing and repairing digestive diseases such as stomach and intestinal ulcer. Cow good mood in the exhibition area of nouveau riche Yangzunchuyou, two small grazing cows were particularly noticeable. They come from the enterprises directly under the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives, Huifeng agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology company belongs to modern pasture. This is not an ordinary two small dairy cows, with the teacher "master" is not an exaggeration to describe them. The staff, the implementation of the happiness index concept of cow pasture in aquaculture, cleanliness, comfort in bed drinking water, and the air had temperature and humidity Management (including winter, summer) and other aspects of the details on the efforts, "it means let the cattle live star hotel, a pampered and happy life." It is understood that, under the concept of happiness index breeding cows, milk production cycle and milk production have been significantly improved. More importantly, cows living in a comfortable environment can effectively reduce the number of somatic cells in milk, and improve the effective nutritional value of raw milk. Farmland "thirsty" mobile phone to "irrigation", will be 20 centimeters long analyzer inserted into the soil, farmers not only can understand the soil nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other chemical composition, and even through the mobile phone remote irrigation field. A booth at the Expo Hall B before the "new agricultural model Internet plus agriculture" has attracted many visitors stop. Reporters saw the booth placed a large and small shapes of analyzers. Staff told reporters, all kinds of analyzers have different functions, "some can determine soil nutrients, some can detect soil pH value, and some can detect soil moisture. If the soil is lack of moisture, the user can send instructions to the analyzer through the mobile phone client to complete the irrigation." On the opening day of the exhibition, a number of enterprises and cooperatives and exhibitors reached an agreement of intent in the morning.

豆油如墨汁奶牛似土豪 绿博会新奇特产品引围观   漆黑如墨的豆油、“幸福模式”养殖的奶牛、手机种地系统……随着“绿博会”正式启幕,一大波平时在市场上难得一见的新奇绿色食品、酷炫的农业科技等展品,让参展客商及广大市民大饱眼福和口福。   豆油如墨汁 具有保健功能   一提豆油,人们马上会想到那金灿灿的颜色,但漆黑如墨的豆油您见过吗?昨天,在“绿博会”省供销社的展台前,一款名为“龙田一号” 的笨榨黑豆油吸引了与会客商的目光。据介绍,之所以漆黑如墨,是因为其原料是优质黑豆,经过低温压榨,确保各种营养成分不被破坏,而且有效杜绝了酸、碱、 重金属及胆固醇等有害物质的残留,从而使油品清亮,气味天然清香。黑豆油是具有保健功能的食用油,有助于预防和减少各种心脑血管疾病和动脉硬化症的发生, 同时能增进与改善人体的消化系统机能,具有减少和修复胃、肠溃疡等消化系统疾病的功能。   奶牛似土豪 养尊处优心情好   在参展区中,两头正在吃草的小奶牛格外引人注目。它们来自省供销社直属企业惠丰农牧科技公司所属现代化牧场。这两头小奶牛可不是普通奶牛,用养 尊处优的“少爷”形容它们一点不为过。工作人员介绍,牧场在养殖上对奶牛实施幸福指数理念,在饮用水的清洁度、卧床舒适度、牛舍空气与温湿度管理(包括冬 季保温、夏季防暑)等方面细节上下功夫,“说白了就是让牛住上星级宾馆,过上养尊处优的幸福生活。”   据了解,幸福指数理念下养殖的奶牛,产奶周期和产奶量都明显提升。更重要的是,奶牛生活在舒适惬意的环境中,能有效减少牛奶中体细胞的数量,提高原奶的有效营养价值。   农田“喊渴” 手机来“灌溉”   将20厘米长的分析仪插到土壤里,农民不仅可以了解到土壤氮、磷、钾等化学成分的多少,甚至还能通过手机远程灌溉田地。本届绿博会B展厅的一个展台前,“互联网+农业”的新型农业模式吸引了不少参观者驻足。   记者看到,展台上摆放了大大小小各种形状的分析仪。工作人员告诉记者,各种分析仪有着不同的作用,“有的可以测定土壤的养分,有的可以检测土壤 的PH值,有的还能检测土壤湿度。如果土壤缺少水分,使用者可以通过手机客户端向分析仪发出指令,完成灌溉。”展会开幕当天,一上午就有不少企业和合作社 与展商达成了意向性协议。相关的主题文章: