The first step of registration system reform authorization decision will be implemented next month-姉summer


The first step: the reform of the registration system of landing authorization decision next month implementation of sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance client: the most extreme Kanpan money investors are in a core of the registration system reform is no longer on the issue of regulatory endorsement – Zhu Baochen told reporters in the new year, the registration system reform imminent, IPO approval system to registration the market is full of imagination, and enterprises in the A shares listed on the urgent momentum unabated. Data show that before the Spring Festival, the Commission accepted the number of starting enterprises of 766. Enterprises are still flocking to apply for the line, the industry believes that the previous statements with the sfc. According to the "Securities Daily" the reporter, in order to ensure the smooth docking examination system and registration system, the Commission confirmed the gradual implementation issue registration system reform work plan, and make transitional arrangements. Before the registration system is implemented, the CSRC will still accept and audit the issue of new shares normally. After the implementation, the existing enterprise queuing order remains unchanged. At the same time, the implementation of the registration system, IPO rhythm, prices will not be released at once, will not cause large-scale expansion of new shares. The evening of December 9th last year, the State Council executive meeting of the NPC Standing Committee to the authority of the State Council "on the adjustment for < registered system reform in the implementation of the stock issuance; People’s Republic of China securities > the relevant provisions of the decision (Draft)". Draft clear, in the decision of the date within two years, the issue of the implementation of the registration system of authorized public to be traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange; in December 27th, the National People’s Congress passed the reform of stock issue registration system authorization decision, implementation period of the decision limit for two years, implemented since March 1, 2016. Insiders said that the NPC Standing Committee adopted the draft marks the issue of promoting the stock registration system reform has a clear legal basis, this is the first step of registration landing. The core of the registration system reform is that the regulatory authorities no longer endorse the issuer. Enterprise performance and value, the future development prospects, by investors to judge and choose. With matching, you need the appropriate to strengthen supervision, the supervision system arrangement and strict law enforcement to protect the issuer to fulfill fiduciary responsibility, the responsibility of intermediaries to perform checks. Insiders said that the registration system as a more market-oriented system of stock issuance, which can solve the problem caused by the issuer and investor information asymmetry, and can regulate the regulatory responsibilities boundaries, to avoid regulatory intervention. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

注册制落地的第一步:改革授权决定下月起施行 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   注册制改革的一个核心是监管部门不再对发行人背书   ■本报记者 朱宝琛   新的一年,注册制箭在弦上,IPO核准制向注册制的改革令市场充满想象,而企业在A股上市的急迫劲头也丝毫没有减弱。数据显示,春节前,证监会受理的首发企业数量为766家。   企业对申请排队依然趋之若鹜,业内人士认为与此前证监会的表态有关。据《证券日报》记者了解,为确保核准制与注册制平稳对接,证监会确定了循序渐进实施发行注册制改革的工作部署,并作出过渡期安排。注册制实施前,证监会仍将正常进行新股发行的受理和审核,实施后,现有企业排队顺序不变。同时,实施注册制过程中新股发行节奏、价格不会一下子放开,不会造成新股大规模扩容。   去年12月9日晚间,国务院常务会议审议通过了拟提请全国人大常委会审议的《关于授权国务院在实施股票发行注册制改革中调整适用<中华人民共和国证券法>有关规定的决定(草案)》。草案明确,在相关决定施行之日起两年内,授权对拟在沪深交易所上市交易的股票公开发行实行注册制度;12月27日,全国人大常委会审议通过了股票发行注册制改革授权决定,该决定的实施期限为两年,自2016年3月1日起施行。   业内人士表示,全国人大常委会审议通过草案,标志着推进股票发行注册制改革有了明确的法律依据,这是注册制落地的第一步。   注册制改革的一个核心是监管部门不再对发行人背书。企业业绩与价值,未来的发展前景,由投资者判断和选择。与之配套,就需要相应地加强事中事后监管,通过监管制度的安排和严格的执法来保障发行人履行诚信的责任,中介机构履行把关的责任。   业内人士表示,注册制作为一种更为市场化的股票发行制度,既可以较好解决发行人与投资者信息不对称所引发的问题,又可以规范监管部门职责边界,避免监管部门过度干预。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: