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Users who want to know the song Mian love blue rouge rouge rouge? Then Mian and who together ending song? – Jiangxi channel: people.com.cn original title: users who want to know the song Mian love blue rouge rouge rouge? Then Mian and who together song ending? "Rouge" TV is broadcast in the heat. Is a Japanese drama, starring Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Tao Xinran, Yuan Wenkang and other powerful actors, in Zhejiang TV broadcast aired since 19:38 every night, causing netizens love, a lot of friends attracted the attention of the role played by Yuan Wenkang in the Song Dynasty Song Mian Mian is juntong agent, demeanor, conservation, and stubborn hale, who has a very strict discipline, a strong sense of right and wrong, users who want to know the song Mian love blue rouge rouge rouge? Then Mian and who together ending song? The following small netizens to answer . In the past most of the war drama style is a bit serious, more heavy and lively, and "rouge" will be agents, comedy, suspense three elements easy fun. The actress tries to break through the limit, will be a real "two rich generation daughter" pushed up front, accidentally become a secret agent. This set of scenarios, so that "rouge" has a greater space to play. Actress Zhao Liying took "chick" agents "line, the multivariant style is prominent ladies temperament dress, also have ably refined uniforms, the full tidal range. The beauty of the exterior charm of the beauty agent is more drama in the play, in the entire drama to undertake Yan value while playing part time funny. Yuan Wenkang said in an interview: "this role looks relatively old-fashioned, traditional, but in front of the big feeling never vague, the courage to sacrifice yourself". In the face of many "discharge" blue rouge, song Mian has been completely indifferent, he saved his own, and to go through thick and thin together Lin tianmu. But in the struggle background, he had to protect the rouge rouge, that can not help but produce a lot of subtle emotions, feelings of love, two people in love and avoid wandering between and guess. (Mao Siyuan, commissioning editor Qiu Ye) original title: users who want to know the song Mian love blue rouge rouge rouge? Then ending with whom song Mian Mian Yuan Wenkang plays the song Rouge? Personal information Yuan Wenkang, born in July 23, 1985 in Shanghai Chinese, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy, the mainland movie actor. Yuan Wenkang started acting when he was 14 years old, and he was admitted to Shanghai Theater Academy successfully. After graduation, signed Huayi Brothers brokerage company. In 1999, the TV drama "Miss news" officially debuted. In 2007, with "assembly" won the fifteenth College Film Festival, the most popular actor and the seventeenth Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival Best Newcomer Award nomination. In 2011, he co starred with Fu Dalong and Li Qian, leading the Republic of China Fashion legend drama "new capital four less", playing the corner of Tong zhen. 2012 guest invited friends Liyan Tong show "Beijing love story" in the dandy ANDY, a warm response, and therefore won the second annual video Sohu Drama Awards Best Supporting Actor nomination. In 2012 the epic war drama starring the "saint day gate", in 2013 starred in the TV drama "Tangshan earthquake", as a Wanda)

网友们想知道胭脂宋勉喜欢蓝胭脂吗?那么胭脂宋勉结局和谁在一起?–江西频道–人民网 原标题:网友们想知道胭脂宋勉喜欢蓝胭脂吗?那么胭脂宋勉结局和谁在一起?   《胭脂》电视剧正在热播中,该剧是一部抗战,由赵丽颖、陆毅、陶昕然、袁文康等实力演员主演,在浙江卫视每晚19点38分播出,自从播出就引起网友们的喜爱,很多网友对袁文康饰演的宋勉这个角色引起了关注,剧中宋勉是军统特工,有风度、有涵养,同时倔强硬朗,严人律己,有极为强烈的是非观念,网友们想知道胭脂宋勉喜欢蓝胭脂吗?那么胭脂宋勉结局和谁在一起?下面小编给网友们解答。   以往的抗战剧多半风格略显严肃,沉重有余而活泼不足,而《胭脂》则将特工、喜剧、悬疑三大元素轻松玩转。女主角人设突破限制,将一位真正的“富二代千金”推上前线,误打误撞成为一名特工。这样的情节设置,让《胭脂》有了更大的发挥空间。女主角赵丽颖走起了“小妞特工”路线,“百变造型”既有凸显淑女气质的礼服,也有干练脱俗的制服,潮范十足。外表魅力无限的美女特工更是剧里的众多担当,在整个剧中承担颜值担当的同时又兼职搞笑担当。   袁文康在接受采访时说:“这个角色看上去比较古板、传统,但在大情大义面前却从不含糊,勇于牺牲自己”。面对蓝胭脂的多次“放电”,宋勉无动于衷,一直心心念念于救过自己、与自己患难与共的林天沐。但在抗争背景下,他又不得不对胭脂进行保护,这让胭脂不禁产生了诸多微妙的情丝,两人间情感在爱与被爱、躲避与猜想间徘徊。 (责编:毛思远、邱烨) 原标题:网友们想知道胭脂宋勉喜欢蓝胭脂吗?那么胭脂宋勉结局和谁在一起?   胭脂宋勉扮演者袁文康个人资料介绍   袁文康,1985年7月23日生于中国上海,毕业于上海戏剧学院,内地影视演员。袁文康14岁开始演戏,他顺利地考入上海戏剧学院。毕业后,签约华谊兄弟经纪公司。1999年,主演电视剧《新闻小姐》正式出道。2007年,凭借《集结号》荣获第十五届大学生电影节最受欢迎男演员和第17届金鸡百花电影节最佳新人奖提名。2011年与富大龙、李倩合作领衔主演民国时尚传奇剧《新京城四少》,饰演童玉官一角。2012年应好友佟丽娅的邀请客串演出了《北京爱情故事》里的花花公子ANDY,反响热烈,并因此获得第二届搜狐视频电视剧盛典“最佳男配角”提名。2012年主演史诗抗战剧《圣天门口》,2013年主演电视剧《唐山大地震》,饰演男一号万达。2014年主演的古装偶像剧《解忧公主》正式杀青。2016年主演电视剧《女医?明妃传》,出演蒙古可汗绰罗斯?也先。《解忧公主》收官,军须靡袁文康收获"零差评",与赵丽颖、陆毅共同主演的大型年代传奇抗战剧《胭脂》将于2016年9月播出。 (责编:毛思远、邱烨)相关的主题文章: