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Loans Luxury is what everyone desires. But sadly, it .es with a high cost. The .mon man often dreams of a home plush with latest amenities, however, the high cost of such products works as effective discourager. Several new models in products like T.V., Fridge, Washing machine, A.C. etc. are released in the market with enhanced features every fortnight and tempt consumers to buy them. With this in view finance .panies have crafted a financial solution that helps you afford these consumer durables. It is called Consumer Durable Loan. Bajaj Finance consumer durable loan is amongst the leading products in the market. These products have .e down to touch the most basic needs of the consumer. The amount maybe small to issue a loan for, but the purpose served is very high. This product has enabled individuals to fulfill their dream of a lavish lifestyle. Under this loan you can buy television, music system, washing machines and the likes. In order to fulfill the needs of the consumer, Bajaj Finance has treaded similar paths. Their consumer loan service is centered on client convenience, flexibility and speedy processing. The scheme offers loan amount ranging between Rs. 7,500 to Rs. 5, 00,000 and the product categories financed include LCD/ LED/ Plasma TV, Air Conditioner, TV/ CTV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator/ Fridge, Microwave Oven and Home Theater System. The most exciting part of the loan is you can avail it at 0% finance i.e. no interest is levied on the loan. It .es with a flexible repayment options that ranges between 12 months to 30 months. To avail this consumer loan all you need to do is enter one of their dealer partner showrooms and choose the product you want. Inform the sales representative that you are interested in a consumer durable loan. He will help you in the process of applying for the loan. You will need to submit basic documents as required by the loan. These include photo, id proof and residence proof. After the loan is sanctioned you are required to make an initial down payment of at least 17% to 33% of the product value. The remaining amount is paid by the loan. The loan can be repaid by means of PDC/ ECS. Repayment is absolutely affordable too as they offer 0% EMI scheme under which consumers are not charged interest amount at all. The loan can be foreclosed after 6 months of regular EMI payments and no pre payment charges are levied. Bajaj finance consumer loan is a hassle free loan to avail. The process is speedy with minimum documentation requirement and is supported by an impeccable after sales service. Your queries can be solved by the Dealerships mentioned in the attached List of Dealerships provided at the time of purchase. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: