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Dating Talking to women at bar can be nerve wracking, most especially if you’re a guy who plans to converse with ladies who are pretty, popular or hot. It’s normal to feel that way – most guys experience that, but, you should do something about it. Below are some of the best ways to approach women depending on what they are doing and who they are with. This will give you clear ideas of what you can do to succeed in your goal of getting a woman to like you or be in agreement to go on a date with you. Single Women If she’s on her own you don’t necessarily need to make eye contact before you make your move and approach her. In some situations it can even be beneficial not to wait for eye contact, because she may have already seen you staring at her without you realizing. The last thing you want to do is look like a weird guy who can’t stop staring at a single woman who is feeling awkward or vulnerable. It’s much better than the first thing a single woman notices about you is what you say to her. Even if she has seen you, at this point you must move towards her as if you were already going to approach her anyway. She will make eye contact with you and at this point you need to open up a conversation. Engage with this woman as if you are a guy with standards that has seen an attractive woman and is just starting up a conversation to see if there is anything about her which holds your interest enough to want to get to know her better. Groups When approaching groups of women, the rules are somewhat different. In a group of women there will always be one that is evidently more attractive than th rest of them. If you want to go for the best looking woman, you should first get her friends "on side" before moving in on the hottest one. This will feel strange at first, but it’s a wise move to actually ignore the one you’re most interested in, at least initially. By focusing on her friends, the one you are interested in will be more likely to attempt to gain your attention. Remember, in a group a woman has a status and the best looking one has a status that she wants to maintain in the overall hierarchy of that group. The most g.eous woman is expecting men to chat her up and receive more attention, so when it doesn’t happen they are not used to it. The hottest woman is far more likely to then try and get your attention and maintain her status in the group as the most attractive as far as other men are concerned. When the woman you are interested in makes her move and tries to assert herself, you need at this point to tease her in a fun way that lets her know that you are interested in more than just looks alone. Once she gets this, you can then start turning your attention to her. At this point her friends will all be cool with you and won’t mind you isolating the one you are interested in and talking to her on a one-to-one basis. By engaging the group of girls first, you make life much easier on yourself in achieving the overall goal which is to talk to the one you’re attracted to before moving to the next stage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: