The Shortage Of A Canopy Tent Is Apparent In Disaster Areas-月丘うさぎ


Arts-and-Entertainment Thanks to Triple Canopy INC for donating supplies, personal and transportation for the purposes of helping, provide shelter to the thousands of homeless people in Port AU Prince, Haiti. All of these people have been forced out of their homes due to the devastating earthquakes that have recently hit the area. Some of these supplies are hopefully in the format of a canopy tent. This .pany is also involved in supporting the group in Haiti called GHESKIO (Study of Karposi’s Sar.a and Opportunistic Infections). This group is responsible for delivering assistance to families that are homeless and are camping on the .pound. Triple Canopy was able to liaise with GHESKIO to find out what type of aid would be most beneficial to these people. After the original contact was made, a host of supplies was sent to the area. This happened within fourteen days and the assistance included vital items such as generators, flashlights, tents and other such items. Gheskio was founded in nineteen eighty-two, it was at the time, the only center that .mitted to fight against HIV/aids. Since the earthquake, thousands upon thousands of refugees have moved to the center. They are now residing there in temporary shelters. Dr Bill Pape the director of GHESKIO was contacted by triple canopy to determine the extent of help needed. This was help specifically related to shelter for the homeless people. Because of this contact, hundreds of families have been able to move out from unsuitable temporary shelter into waterproof tenting provided by the .pany. It is reported that Dr. Pape has applauded Triple Canopy for the assistance they have afforded these people living at what is known as GHESKIO tent city. By placing these people have been moved out of the rain and into shelter. This will prevent the onset of disease. Triple canopy donated in excess of one hundred tents to the GHESKIO foundation. The personal at GHESKIO have worked around the clock to help refugees, even though they have less than idea living conditions themselves. Dr. Pape went onto to thank Triple canopy for providing shelter for the staff at GHESKIO as many of them had been sleeping under the stars up until that point. A canopy tent prior to this would have improved the situation a little. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: