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Beauty A good massage not only relies on skillful hands but also on quality equipment and supplies. Know the essential items needed to have a relaxing and pampering massage. Whether you are planning to set up a massage parlor, to do home massage services or to pamper your loved ones with a massage, it is imperative that you have the appropriate massage equipment and supplies. This would include massage chairs, massage tables, linens and sheets as well as stationary massage tables, stools, carrying cases, creams and oils or Aroma Massage Oils for therapeutic purposes. Once you have listed down the supplies you need, in buying them, make sure they are of great quality without being too expensive. There is a vast assortment of massage supply products and it can get easily confusing. Be sure to choose wisely especially if you will be using these for your salon. Take note, that your clients deserve only the best if you want them to .e back. Referrals are the best and cheapest marketing you can get. Here are some of the necessary massage equipments and supplies: Aromatherapy Supplies When conducting an Aromatherapy massage, some important supplies include diffusers, cartridges and of course, essential oils. The most in demand right now are the .anic or Earthlite varieties. Branded ones would include the Essential Oil Aroma Vera Energy Synergy which costs $7.95 for every oz, the Essential Oil Aroma Vera Ambiance Synergy which costs $4.95 for each oz and the Essential Oil Aroma Vera Energy Synergy which also costs $7.95 for every oz. You can always search for cheaper alternatives, especially those products that were only recently introduced in the market. This could also give you a chance to be a distributor and you will get it for cheaper rates still. Creams and Oils You can choose from a wide variety of oils and creams, either in specialty shops or online. This would range from .anic and scented to touch varieties. This is similar to the ones used in clinics. Branded ones would include the Lavender Massage Crme by Earthlite which costs $9 ($8 on discounted rate), the Unscented Massage Oil by Earthlite which costs $7 ($6 on discounted rate) as well as different types of massage oil holsters that can hold 8 oz bottles like the Massage Oil Holster Double which costs $20 ($18 on discounted rate) and the Massage Oil Holster which costs $15 ($13 on discounted rate). Massage Table Carts and Carry Cases This are the portable types. It is convenient for those who do home service massages or the ones who need to travel with the necessary massage supplies Branded ones include the Avila II Portable Massage Chair Carry Case which costs $86 up to $95, the Deluxe Carrying case which costs $89 up to $99, the Massage Table Skate which costs $30 up to $34 and the Standard Carrying Case which costs $76 up to $85. Electric Massagers The Sunshine electronic massager from China uses 1.5V to 2V batteries. When used, it can guarantee a relaxing effect throughout the body. It is available in various colors, styles and designs. Sunshine, its brand name, is the leading manufacturer of massage equipments and tools. This would include massage beds, massage balls, massage tables and massage chairs as well as massager footpaths, massage cushions, body massage tools and foot massage tools. They also have massage rollers, electronic massage tools, hand-held massage tools, wooden massage tools and massage accessories. Lastly, they have head massage tools, leisure massage products, massager equipments, health care products and eye massagers. Electric massagers are alternates to an absent masseuse. There are also clients who get easily tickled with human touch and would prefer electric massagers instead. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: