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Music Thai band Nologo, a solid group that mixes post-punk music and new electronica that pulls listeners like gravity. Gravity, Nologos third album presents the band members armed with heavy guitars. Their soaring choruses seem to have claws that dig deep into mind and soul where it is nearly impossible to shake off. Knowing Thailands recent music scene, which seems to be passionate with bossanova covers or light acoustic pop, there are still several tracks from the album that are getting airplay due to a stimulating mash-up of genres, which are carefully packaged as gritty pop songs. Soul and Front man of the band, Dome Pakorn Lam is sternly underrated as a musician. Dome started out as a model during his teens, and then entered the Thai music scene in 1996 as a pop vocalist. He is attractive which gives him plus points in his performance that made him to a higher level. Over a million of his records were sold. In 2001, he also released his last pop record entitled, Naked, after which he left for the USA to practice new techniques in music. In 2003, he released a single entitled, Circumambulate under Nologo, then was a one-man band. In the year 2005, Dome made a full return to the music industry with the album entitled, How to be a Rock Star with band members Chompoo and Ying. The modification of record tag also ushered in a new rock sound, much different from the endearing tunes he used to toss out. The album Mosaic, which was released in 2006, boasted off new program: Dome as vocalist and on synthesizers, Jittranan Phongpilar or Ying on guitars, Kazuhiro Hatano or Kaz, a Japanese musician who is based in Thailand on bass, and Yingyai Hunchanasavee or Yai on drums. To date, the bands strongest album is the Gravity, without a glitch mixing post-punk grooves, pop-perfect melodies, and crunching guitars. The albums opener entitled, Glua Aria, which is translated as Scared of What? is a jolly head rush of guitars and synths ricocheting, with an instant hook evocative of The Rentals. Dome sings the line Im asking for real, why are you hesitating, When weve proven our love for each other for so long? with fascinating intensity that is magnificent to hear. This is followed by Ter Luek Khon Mai Pid, which means You Didnt Pick the Wrong Person that starts slow, nearly like a ballad prior to launching into stadium rock with a chorus that swells. In the Gravity album, the most well-liked song is Glua, which means Fear. This song was featured in the Thai horror omnibus movie 4bia/See Prang. This song carries Nologos trademark, soft-loud dynamics and suitably a big sampling of the bands fondness for excellent hooks. Moreover, shows up tracks are Wela Mai Mee Kwam Mhai Eak Tor Pai, a waltz slow-burner that highlights Domes gentle side, and Tum Rueng Ruk Hai Pen Rueng Ngai, translated as Do Something about Love to Make It Easy. Thai band Nologos album Gravity, gives a pleasure to find out more sonic textures as the songs are played. The choruses are pop genius creation that makes it addictive. Be ready to the pull of gravity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: