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Marketing-Direct A well designed business letterhead will say a good deal about your company. If you are not artistically minded designing your own letterhead could prove to be too much of a challenge and you may want to think about approaching a graphic designer instead. The actual letterhead printing is best left to the experts as the printers use a high quality ink and have a selection of paper weights and finishes to perfect the final look. In case you would like to try your hand at producing your own design, have a look at these ideas to get you started. Remember, if it all gets too hard, a graphic designer is only a phone call or mouse click away. Surfing the Web If time is on your side, surf the internet for ideas. Microsoft Office has a free tutorial for setting up a letterhead using Microsoft Word. There is advice for the initial layout and format and instructions on the use of colours to suit your business and existing logos. Trying design ideas on line is so much easier than on paper. Cut and paste or edit existing documents till you get the image you are after or close the whole page and start again. If you don’t already have one, there are free or share wear paint and drawing software programs that allow you to draw your design and experiment with layers and backgrounds. Pre-designed templates There are some rather good sites on line that have pre-designed templates especially for letterheads. Once you have downloaded the template, editing is easy. You can start with the basic white background and the addition of one or two colours for your logo and see the results on screen. Brainstorming Get creative and set up a brainstorming session with your staff. Start with a blank sheet of paper or an existing letterhead. Grab a bunch of colourful marking pens and see what the team comes up with. Graphic Designers The best outcome for a professionally styled letterhead is by using an experienced graphic designer. Most printers have designers on staff or perhaps use freelancers who will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life or start from scratch to portray your company image. They may even suggest envelopes printing to match the letterheads. Online Printers Consider the convenience of using online printers over the local printer. There are many to choose from online so do research the market well to make sure you are dealing with a reputable firm. Look for a printer who offers discounts for bulk printing or equal costs for colour over black and white. Letterheads can be bold and brassy or simply elegant depending on the style of your company and the look you want to achieve. Strive for perfection to present a professional look and you will go a long way in setting your business reputation for the future About the Author: By: Gabriel Salome – Direct Marketing Services refers to method of marketing the products and/or services of a company, directly to the prospect i.e. the traditional marketing method. Email Marketing Services howeve … By: Sandy Z – Do you have a deep seated passion to do something but you lack the funds necessary to do it. Perhaps you should consider a home based business. Home based businesses give you the time freedom you desire a … By: Sandy Z – What is the recipe for success? There are many recipes for a successful home business. Here are some hints for a successful home based business. By: Sandy Z – Working from home can be very rewarding. For one thing you don’t have to leave home. But there are many challenges when it comes to working from home. Here are three of the many challenges you face when … By: AlexMayers – You know you have a successful business when you are thinking of expanding and searching for additional places to store your goods before sending them on the market. A warehouse is a place for hard working … By: Active Demand – The MAP provides a landing page, slideshow and presentation recording. This extends the period of time each marketing webinar is effective. By: Ezzy Automations – Secure your property home and loved one. Security has become one of the topmost things people look for in their life. For this trend, taking a security alarm is not only important, but also very wise move t … By: Levi Throssell – This means that, irrespective of what your fashion sense, you can put together a style which is entirely and absolutely you. My blog post: college prep homeschooling By: sinuse – Tuffa has a strong reputation for the design and manufacture of Water Tanks – after all, we have been involved in this product category for more than 25 years – and it isn’t just drinking water solutions or … By: create global future – Multilevel is undoubtedly the legal business of the XXI century that offers two coveted rewards to every entrepreneur aspires have: money in abundance and personal recognition. 相关的主题文章: