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Home-and-Family Roller blinds are an easy and inexpensive way to cover a window. Blackout, sheer, decorated, fancy and plain fabrics abound in stores and online. For those on a budget, decorating one is an easy DIY project. Purchase a Ready Made Roller Blind Carefully measure the window opening and purchase a plain roller blind. Look for sales or clearance items to obtain the best bargains. The fabric should be in good condition and preferably in a colour desired as a background. Purchase a DIY Kit DIY kits for roller blinds are available in stores and online. Measure the window and purchase the appropriate-sized kit. Fabric will need to be purchased separately, or use fabric already on hand. This allows the purchaser to customize the window coverings, thus matching any décor. Appliqué Purchase ready-made appliqués, or make them from existing fabric. Purchase double-sided iron on appliqué fabric. Iron a sheet of appliqué fabric onto the back of a piece of fabric. Cut out interesting motifs, such as flowers, birds, and so on. Place them on the roller blind fabric and following the manufacturer’s instructions, attach with the iron. Repeat for each window in the room to create a custom set of patterned roller blinds. If the roller blind fabric cannot be ironed, attach with fabric glue instead. Use a thin coating to alleviate creating bulk. Stamping or Painting Purchase ready-made stamps and fabric paints or inks. Create stamps by carving a bar of soap, wood, or a half piece of potato. Dip the stamp into the paint and wipe off the excess. Press onto the roller blind fabric. Use everyday items such as flowers, leaves, keys and more to create interesting shapes. This method is a little less forgiving if mistakes are made. To hide a mistake, take a tip from this example. Stamp outdoor motifs, such as flowers and leaves onto the fabric. Using fabric paint in tubes or with a paintbrush, create vines or "feathers" using the paint drops. For children’s rooms, let little hands decorate the blinds. Purchase finger paints and allow the children to dip their palms in and press against the fabric. For a gift, have each child sign their handprints and send to the Grandparents. They will love it. Whole Cloth Patterned Roller Blinds If something more formal is desired, the appliqué method is easy to use. Select a fabric in a pattern and colour that matches the chosen décor. Stretch out the roller blind, and cut a piece of the two-sided iron on fabric that matches the measurements of the blinds plus 3/8" on each side, and enough to fit over the top of the blind and over the bottom. Cut an equal- sized piece of fabric, and using the appliqué method, attach the fabric sheet to the blind. The result is a custom roller blind for a fraction of the cost of having one made .mercially. Everyone will admire the artistry of custom made roller blinds. Make one for each window, and make gifts for family and friends. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: