That One More Piece Of Whole Wheat Bread-残清1864


Weight-Loss What can be so bad about one more piece of whole wheat bread when one is trying to lose weight? It is basically good for you. It has only about one hundred calories, assuming you do not add butter. It breaks down easily, and is thereby converted to energy. When one is trying to lose weight, the total number of consumed calories is very important. These need to be less than what a person needs for his or her daily bodily functioning. If it is more or approximately the same, the desired changes do not occur. Reducing one’s daily intake of food can be very difficult. That is because most of us are accustomed to a set quantity of food. When this amount is decreased, we feel driven to consume more. Therefore, the temptation to eat just a little more can be very great. Often times this can be experienced as actual hunger. One of the hardest things to do when on a weight loss program is to say no to theses types of experiences. Refusing to give into them is the essence of will power, a strength which all adults are expected to possess. And that is what we must mobilize, if only for the psychological effect. The one more piece of whole wheat bread in this instance might be seen as not all that bad. It is indeed good for one nutritionally. It is only a few calories in .parison to a hamburger’s red meat, for example. It will in fact be converted to energy in a short amount of time. Besides, being too hard on oneself, denying too much too often, invites binging later on in the day, or so the thinking goes. Therefore, only one hundred calories more just to pacify a transient need for an immediate greater quantity food may be felt to be acceptable relative to an already spartan-like diet. Perhaps this is as it ought to be. And, possibly if one is already at a sixteen hundred calories limit, a minor push to seventeen hundred will not significantly impair the burning of excess bodily fat. Rationally, this should most likely be true. Nevertheless, the one more piece of bread at this meal be.es yet another slice today, followed by possibly another tomorrow, which is ac.panied by a parallel deviations in the other food groups. Such is the way our humanity. Thus, the one more piece of whole wheat bread is potentially far worse for a weight loss program over the course of a few months than most of us can imagine initially. Register for our FREE Weight Loss Group https://www2.gotomeeting../pjoin/840182163/105634131 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: