7 key points to buy pregnant women radiation suit


Pregnant women to choose the 7 key points of radiation protection clothing [Abstract] after pregnancy, in order to better protect the baby, so that the baby is not affected by radiation hazards in everyday life, many mothers will buy radiation suits. Do not know how to select pregnant women radiation suit? The selection of radiation suits but there is stress oh. How to select anti radiation clothing? How to choose the radiation suit? What should you pay attention to when choosing? Small as you are summarized as follows: 1 brand: pregnant mother in pregnant women to buy radiation-proof clothes, first of all to the clothing brand to inspect, in general, the big brands to produce radiation maternity quality assurance; 2, look at the price, a price of a goods, pregnant mothers in purchase pregnant women buy radiation-proof clothes, can not just cheap, but also beware of wasted money. In the general market, the same type of metal fiber radiation protection clothing is cheaper than silver fiber radiation protection clothing. Pregnant women radiation taking more material, the higher the cost, the price is relatively more expensive; 3, reputation: reputation is not alone, just do some advertising promotion established reputation, from consumer acceptance of the company and products, is a brick piled up. Therefore, pregnant mothers in the purchase of radiation maternity, choose the good reputation of the brand is particularly important; [Abstract] after pregnancy, in order to better protect the baby, let the baby is not affected by the radiation hazards in daily life, many mothers will buy radiation-proof clothes. Do not know how to select pregnant women radiation suit? The selection of radiation suits but there is stress oh. 4, style: radiation-proof clothes style is a radiation protection stomachers, sling, apron, vest, skirt suit, pregnant women in pregnant women. How to choose radiation-proof clothes, summer can choose Maternity Skirt or apron, autumn suit or apron or sling can, winter can suit or vest. 5, material: choose a practical and effective radiation-proof clothes also consider clothing fabric is soft and breathable, whether health washing, it is more beneficial to maternal and child health; avoid heavy radiation-proof clothes airtight. Silver fiber material is light and soft. Because it is silver plated on the fiber core. Feeling very smooth. Wide range of shielding, under any conditions can completely shield the phone signal. Most suitable for a long time to work in the computer giant office and computer room radar station medical personnel and so on. The silver ion has the function of sterilization and deodorization. 6, color: general market sales of radiation-proof clothes into metal fiber and silver fiber radiation-proof clothes, metal fiber radiation-proof clothes are pink, blue, purple and dark color is fancy, but the radiation effect is relatively good to silver fiber, color may appear relatively monotonous, usually of silver. For the color can be selected according to personal preferences. 7, look at the environment: depending on the nature of the pregnant mother and the surrounding radiation environment. If the radiation is very strong, recommended to choose the radiation proof vest, this to yourself and the fetus has the strongest protection; if the ambient radiation is very weak (such as no contact with the computer at the same time had little contact with other electrical appliances), can choose radiation protection stomachers.相关的主题文章: