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"731" Gallery of more than 5000 pieces of cultural relics by electronic evidence "Id" – Heilongjiang Channel – people.com.cn 27 days, reporters from the 731 Japanese troops evidence museum was informed that the museum has collections of cultural relics registration number increased to 5665 pieces, 5378 pieces of cultural relics which have been recorded in the State Administration of cultural heritage, the first "national treasure" the census platform, with electronic identity". According to the "731" Museum relics protection department director Gao Yubao introduction, "cultural relics" and refers to collections of cultural relics, since 1982 to build a museum now, "731" Museum of cultural relics collection registration has reached 5665, for the use of Japanese troops and the "731 forces" of bacteria living appliances, medical equipment and construction sites component. It is understood that the first national survey of movable cultural relics from May 2013 to the end of August this year. In this operation, 731 of the museum’s collection of artifacts were identified as movable cultural relics, the relevant departments to complete the identification of the 5378 artifacts, naming, measurement and other information entry. Gao Yubao said, in the national record with electronic evidence of cultural relics, "identity card", can be a better year about human trials, committed by the Japanese invaders bacterial experiments of crimes against humanity to visitors. Harbin is located in the cottage area "731" Museum covers an area of 11 thousand square meters, the exhibition hall is divided into 731 units, the Japanese invaders bacterial warfare — Japan bacterial warfare base, human body test and bacterial weapons, germ warfare, destroyed the evidence and trial of six parts. (reporter Wang Jian) (commissioning editor Zou Hui and Ding Yang)相关的主题文章: