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A good [in] Canberra rent the student apartments WeedenLodge- Sohu of Canberra tourism around trees, flowers in full bloom, is portrayed as a building in the garden city. On the outskirts of more such "Bela Turpin Australia Alps" natural location. It is said that the design of the city at the time of the wisdom of the city in the near future to consider the trend of development, the design of a population of about 100W can accommodate "Canberra". Today a total population of 300w! 300W? That is the number of people in the future after 1000, the current population of about 37w! The equivalent of Paris, Tokyo Shanghai such a large area of the population, have to say, the evil of capitalism is a waste of land area. But in this Canberra students with much land and few people, renting it comfortable? In fact, it is not, the official residence of the small apartment has been in short supply, today to follow the small home to see what kind of apartment in Canberra. Today is to follow the small home to look Lodge in Weeden Australia Canberra Unilodge apartment, the apartment opened in 2012, apartment furnished a separate bathroom, there are single rooms and 2 men and 3 men between 4 and Studio among the 7 room apartment, generally equipped with beds, dining table, chair, desk, TV, bookshelf, kitchen and bathroom. The apartment has a lot of public facilities including public lounge, game center, snooker, table tennis and swimming pool, let the students live here safe and comfortable. In the small home on the official website, showing a small home apartment is through the small door carefully selected, small home as guests to experience apartment accommodation, really for you choose to feel at home with accommodation. Small living facilities and conditions on the official website shows the apartments have Weeden Lodge apartment location and traffic Weeden Lodge apartment, located in the Belconnen area of Canberra, close to the University of Canberra (University of Canberra) 1.81 kilometers to school 4 minutes away from the apartment, riding 9 minutes, about 20 minutes walk. So it is suitable for students studying in University of Canberra. Then Canberra and the major transportation. No plane to Canberra International Airport, Canberra Airport is a domestic airport, Canberra Airport is only operating domestic flights from Melbourne to Canberra flight to Sydney about 50 minutes, 30 minutes, the domestic each big city has the flight arrived in Canberra. Ansai airlines, air Kang TASI from Sydney, Melbourne fly here. Canberra Airport is located in the 2 Brindabella Circuit can take the airport shuttle bus Airport Shuttle, cost: $4.5; can also take a taxi to the city center, about 15 minutes, costs about $15 – 20 train Canberra railway artery leading to the big city of China, to Sydney, Melbourne to open the train. Canberra to Sydney, where there are 3 times a day.相关的主题文章: