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A large coffee feeding point speech full of CBDS2016 keynote blockbuster release – Sohu and the 5 day countdown to the third, 2016 China international data conference kicked off. SoPlus help, the situation presents. The 2 day, the theme of the forum, a hundred wonderful speech, 2000+ industry elite gathered, will bring you the latest and most authoritative industry data industry trends and ideas feast. More importantly, through the daily investment registration link that you now have the opportunity to free participants, big coffee industry contact with zero distance, face to face. Hundred speakers and topics published as follows: (as of September 19th) chairman Ji Zhonghua Chinese letter publishing group, the posts and telecommunications press president Zhang Xinhong director of the Department of the state information center, information technology research and development of "big data" Chinese Ning Jiajun state information center, director of the Committee of experts "study of national informatization strategy to promote the application of big data" before the people’s Bank of China Yao the deputy director of the Department of science and technology "the era of big data credit industry" Liu Maoxian Heilongjiang communications administration director of "big data" big development "? "Number" in where? "Li Ming China people’s Bank Credit Center Senior Consultant" from the perspective of the traditional credit data credit "Jiang Peng national development and Reform Commission, city and small town center for the reform and development of large data Institute" to explore the city development paths of wisdom "Miu Wande USITO president" American big data status and development of hot "Zhao Guodong Zhongguancun big data industry the Secretary General of the League of" regional economy "Sun Dan + big data technology Seagate global vice president and President of Asia Pacific and Chinese" big data era of the guardian "Xu Ming" assistant president of Zte Corp city big data of "Tang Qifeng Shanghai Trading Center" to regulate the data CEO data trading platform to promote cross enterprise data orderly circulation " Du Yuejin, vice president of Alibaba group security data security "the most pressing issue" car products feel Sequoia Capital partner Gu Shishan IBM, former vice president of Alibaba expert China laboratory data and analysis of business development general manager "digital insight," cognitive computing general manager Gao Liqiang Oracle vice president BI Huo Hongtao and EPM China District chief HUAWEI smart city solutions the system architect "city big data innovation practice" general manager "Wangjia Jingdong cloud cloud division data driving the future of big data – leading the traditional enterprise" Internet plus "road" Xu Bin Shell China CIO "data driven reconstruction of the core competitiveness of enterprises" Luo Bin Microsoft accelerator CEO Teradata senior architect Cai Qiang and Solutions Consultant "to build large data aware enterprise analysis ability" Cao Guojun of Accenture digital technology services director of "Rethinking" on the origin of the data Taupo cheetah mobile technology 6相关的主题文章: