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A man disguised as a dog in the manger "Changsha Mister cheat 2 million 670 thousand jingfangxingju original title: Mister fake identity, identity is false husband Chen Youpeng made fake drawings and promotional materials, while his girlfriend fellow out of a meeting, a fellow at the office building posing as company executives, defrauding the trust of others. Later, in order to help RBI leadership and other reasons to cheat others money millions. People do not know the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, in their eyes, "successful" is actually a swindler, who is carrying a case bottom. October 28th, Changsha, Yuelu District procuratorate Chen Youpeng (text are a pseudonym) approved the arrest. In the eyes of his girlfriend Li Juan, Chen Youpeng is a typical "successful man", in a large construction group general manager, lavish, hundreds of millions of big business is. Get along for several years, although there is no marriage certificate, but the two to husband and wife commensurate, as well as his son, her boyfriend bought a suite, registered under the name of the child. September 22nd this year, Chen Youpeng was taken away by police. At this time Li Juan knew her boyfriend, not only the general manager of identity is false, even the "husband" identity is false: before her, Chen Youpeng had a wife and a girlfriend, Li Juan was the youngest". By his girlfriend’s office to play the boss Chen Youpeng is Guangxi, 46 years old, after graduating from college in Guangxi, Nanning hometown, has been doing business outside. In 2011, Chen Youpeng accidentally exposed to a construction group promotional materials, learned that the group has a large site in Changsha, Wangcheng. Chen Youpeng then alone to observe, to understand the scale of the project, he began planning to use this project to get money. At this point, Chen Youpeng and Li Juan have been friends, two men have a son. An accidental opportunity, Chen Youpeng got to know the fellow of the village of Yang Xuri, and found that he lived in a district with his own, it is his understanding of the construction of the group’s chief engineer of the group, and then, in order to find a way to live in the city of Li Juan. With many years of practice of communicative competence, plus two children of similar age, exchanges have a common topic, he soon became friends with Yang Xuri. Chen Youpeng often went to Yang Xuri’s office to find him, with many employees group mixed Lianshou, so each group to find Yang Xuri, they can run in both directions unblockedly. Once, Li Juan’s younger brother Li Jiajun about Chen Youpeng meet, coincided with Yang Xuri out of a meeting, Chen Youpeng deliberately meet here at the Yang Xuri building group. He told Li Jiajun, he is the general manager of the construction company, hope Li Jiajun can help him introduce some projects, and promised to give some reward. In addition, he also made a number of false engineering drawings, promotional materials, in order to obtain the trust of lee. In this way, Li Jiajun for gospel truth became Chen Youpeng’s "pawn", introduced him to many engineering friends, every Chen Youpeng, Li Jiajun said that construction group president chen". Is the friend, Liu Guodong called a "big" and Chen Youpeng met. It took 2 million 670 thousand RBI fees to know cheated because friends are saying that Chen Youpeng is the boss, Liu Guodong was also actively looking for opportunities and he up friendship, hope that the contractor "Chen" under the leadership of the project. Liu Guodong, Chen Youpeng’s plan to start cheating. At the beginning of 2015, Chen Youpeng went to Guangzhou to visit Liu Pian相关的主题文章: